Dasa of the Lord of the Fifth House Part 1

Dr. Shanker Adawal

Part 1

During the ripening of the Dasa of the lord of the 5h house, the native will be blessed with the birth of a son, pleasure in the company of relations or the post of an adviser or minister of the ruler. He himself will enjoy all kinds of delicacies and feed others in plenty. His meritorious acts will earn him approbation of the noble and virtuous people.

Should the lord of the 5th house be weak, the native will lose a son during his Dasa. He will suffer from mental aberration, deception, tiresome journeys and roaming about, ailments of the stomach, wrath of the ruler and physical weakness.

5th lord. During the period of the lord of 5th who is strong and well placed, there will be birth of children and merriment in the family. The native will be famous, may get appointed as a counselor or adviser to the State or become a minister. He will do virtuous deeds, become popular and be happy.

If the lord of 5th is weak, badly placed or afflicted, there will be wickedness or death of children, aberration of mind through deception, scandals, wanderings, diseases of the stomach, etc. He will do wicked acts and will despise elders, superiors, learned men and preceptors. He will behave unwisely, lose reputation and become materialistic.

The Period of the Lord of the Fifth Bhava (from classics)

1) If the lord of the fifth bhava is posited in his own house or in his own Navamsa or in his own exaltation rasi with strength, the Native will be blessed with many children during his Priod, If there is an association of benefic planets with him, the Native will be a dignified person or will have many children. If the fifth bhava-lord is in the Navamsa Chart, in the eighth rasi or amsa from the Lagna-Navamsa or from the Lagna-Navamsa Lord, in the Navamsa-Chart the Native’s children will become his enemies during its Period. During the period when the Native is bound to have good results, he will have happiness and favourable results through his children.

2) If the lord of the fifth bhava is posited in the sixth bhava in combination with the lord of the sixth bhava, the Native’s maternal uncle will have very good yoga (i.e. will be very prosperous), during that period (i.e. the period of the lord of the fifth bhava) the native will be famous and influential with the Government, will have happiness through the king and his minister; if, however, the lord of the fifth bhava is in the Navamsa-Chart in the eighth etc (i.e. 6th, 8th or the 12th) amsa rasi from the lord of the sixth bhava in the Navamsa-Chart, the benefic yoga will be destroyed and bad effects and king’s disfavor and displeasure etc., will be the result. If the lord of the fifth bhava is weak the results will be a little favourable, and if he is powerful, the results will be favourable as set forth above.

3) If the lord of the fifth bhava is posited in the seventh bhava in combination with the lord of the seventh bhava and an benefic, the Native’s son will go to a foreign land during the period of the fifth bhava-Lord and the Native will acquire wealth through this son; and during this period, the father-in-law of the Native will attain dignity and power, a marriage will take place in the Native’s family, the Native’s son will pass through a beneficial ceremony. The Native will attend a feast to Brahmans etc. will have divine grace and will attend pleasant and happy functions and recreations. If the lord of the fifth bhava is weak and is in the same amsa or rasi in the Navamsa Chart, there will be danger or sickness to his children. If the lord of the fifth bhava is, in the Navamsa-Chart, in the eighth etc. amsa (i.e. sixth, eighth or twelfth) amsa-rasi from the lord of the seventh bhava in the Navamsa-Chart this result will not happen.

4) If the lord of the fifth bhava is in the eighth bhava in combination with the lord of the eighth bhava, the Native’s children will have danger to their lives. The Native will beget children that will die soon, willincur the displeasure of dignified person or the enmity of his father or his guardian-deity or his mantras will become spoiled or ineffective. If the lord of the fifth bhava is weak and is associated with malefic, these effects will not happen. If the lord of the fifth bhava is posited in the twelfth, eighth or sixth amsa or rasi in the Navamsa-Chart in conjunction with benefic, the unpropitious effects will be minimized.

5) If the lord of the fifth bhava is posited in the ninth bhava in combination with the ninth bhava-lord and if the lord of the first bhava is weak, the Native will derive happiness and comfort I his youth through his father and his father’s wealth will increase. During the period of the lord of the fifth bhava, the Native will achieve the position and dignity of a dignified person and his father will certainly have the favour of his king and his minister and the public or the Native will earn wealth through the help of a entrepreneur and will finally acquire and enjoy very much wealth through his son. If the lord of the fifth bhava is posited in the eighth etc. amsa (i.e. sixth, eighth and twelfth amsa-Rasis in the Navamsa Charts), the Native will have these results in a small scale but, if the lord of the fifth bhava is powerless, these good results will not occur. If the lord of the fifth bhava is strong, the Native will sometimes acquire a fortune through divine help (As the 5th house indicates God’s grace).

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