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Dasa of the Lord of the Eleventh House Part 1

Dr. Shanker Adawal

Part 1

During the Dasa period of the lord of the 11th House, the native will have a regular flow of wealth, meet his relations, attendants and slaves will serve him. There will be great domestic happiness, affluence and success.

During the Dasa of a planet that is weak and is the lord of the 11th house, the native will hear sad new. There will be trouble to a brother or sickness to children and pass through misery, deception and ear ailments.

11th lord. If the lord of 11th is strong and well placed, during his periods there will be uninterrupted flow of wealth and fortune, gain of money from business or from other sources like estates, profession, etc. He will be respected and placed high in life, have good servants, domestic happiness, and prosperity. He will construct good houses and own conveyances.

If the lord of 11th is weak and afflicted, there will be loss of wealth or loss in business, increased expenditure, Bad health to family members, quarrels with brothers and relatives. He will suffer dishonor and associate with wicked people.

Period of the Lord of the Eleventh Bhava (Eleventh House) (from classics)

1) If the lord of the eleventh bhava is posited in his exaltation rasi in combination with or in aspect of benefic, the Native will have much gain and his elder brother is a remarkable person.

Mars will give benefits from land, the Sun will produce gain through father, the Moon will make his trade flourish, Mercury will do good sometimes through education or trade in quantity goods, Jupiter will produce benefits through employment or teaching, Venus will produce gains through captivating women and Saturn will produce gain through the selling of fuel or wood or through stones and wood.
The means of obtaining wealth must be determined with reference to the nature of the parental employment of the Native. In the same way the effects of the position of the lord of the eleventh bhava in other bhavas have to be determioned intelligently and shrewdly with reference to the significations of the lord of the eleventh bhava, the signification of the bhava occupied and the signification of the lord of the bhava occupied by the Lord of 11th house.

2) If the lord of the eleventh bhava is posited in the twelfth bhava in combination with the lord of the twelfth bhava, there will be hindrance or difficulties in the realization of the objects of the Native and his elder brother will undergo suffering; if there is a benefic yoga, the results will be on a moderate scale; if there is a malefic yoga, even then the results will be the same (i.e. on a moderate scale).

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