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When Will a Business be Started? Part 1

Dr. Shanker Adawal

Part 1


It clearly shows that one does not relish subordination, but one is prepared to take chances, be bold and pushful and try to come out successful in the line chosen. Therefore, Mars or planets in the constellation of, or sub of Mars, gives courage and confidence.

Secondly, business indicates that the native cannot have a steady income, a regulated increase is one’s earnings etc. It is, anyhow, a speculation. Normally one who makes money by selling perishables suddenly incurs loss due to unforeseen circumstances and the havoc due to natural causes, like rain, thereby breaches, no communication and transport and the whole goods get spoiled and perish. He who books ice bars, who deals in fruits, flowers etc., has to incur loss. How can he anticipate? Does it not affect his income and capital? So where is steadiness in business? Take the case of share brokers? What chance have they to take I they are jobbers. Hence business is one, in which one will have either fortune or misfortune or one following the other. One may call it as an independent business. No. A servant has a steady income and if he pleases one or two souls, it is enough. He draws his salary; he has his regular increment etc. But, in business, one has to depend on (a) the suppliers, (b) the stores without any damage, (c) the customers, (d) the tax department officials, (e) the fluctuation in the market, etc. Indeed, he depends entirely on his Fate and only these people can endorse that the attempts are ours but the results are entirely in the hands of god, which is nothing but the fruit of the past Karma.

Hence business indicates speculative income. A business man can thrive when the 2nd and the 11th houses are not afflicted.

Plants occupying earthy signs are more favourable than those in other signs.

The same business will  be continued if the planet which rules the following periods are not placed in 6, 8 or 12 to the running period and they are not in a movable sign – Chara Rasi. But if they are in common sign – Ubhaya Rasi, he or she may take up another business also and concentrate more on the business taken up without severing connection with the original.

If the planets in 6 or 8 or 12 were to occupy a fixed sign, it threatens loss, difficulties, disharmony, depression, danger in business and he will neither change his business, or add anything else to the original one.

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