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When was the first appointment Part 2

Dr. Shanker Adawal

Part 2

Mercury is in advance to the group of planets in Scorpio and is not hemmed in between malefics. This is auspicious.

For a moment, we should forget the ascendant. As the ascendant is occupied by Ketu is should be considered as weak; therefore we should take Moon’s sign as the first house and the rest of the houses should be counted from Virgo.

(a) Moon, the lord of 11, conjoined with Jupiter, the lord of 4 and 7, is beneficial.

(b) Ketu in Moon’s sign, will improve the position.

(c) Mercury, the lord of 10 in 3, gives you transferable post, in accounts, auditing, inspection, assessment, etc. Scorpio being the sign ruled by Mars, the native will have authority also.

(d) Mercury offers the opportunity to represent firs, make short tours, open branches and be successful in an advisory capacity.


The main difference between business and service is that in business there is speculation in income; it is unsteady; but in service, for honest people, not receiving bribery, the income is steady and it is once a month or a week or daily; for dishonest people plurality of income is shown and such a plant will have connection with Saturn, Mercury and dual sign.

Sun in 7 shows steady business with a little fluctuation.

Moon in 7 indicate change in the nature of business and income most unsteady. Even the business locality will be changed now and then.

Mars in 7 shows impulsive action. In auction you may pay fancy price and lose ultimately. Indiscreet and rash action bring loss. You will start in a flash, to end in a crash.

Mercury in 7 – speedy turn over, larger profits.

Jupiter in 7 – honest, improves, expands, thrives.

Venus in 7 – good luck, popularity.

Saturn in 7 – very bad for business.

Uranus and Neptune in 7 are not favourable.

For partnership judge the horoscopes of the partners for harmony, happiness, profit, luck etc., just like it is done for marriage. Judge the 7th house. The above appears to be as advice. But one should know whether one will do business or not. Also one should understand how the above general rule is to be applied according to Krishnamurti Padhati. Planets in 7 in the constellation of lords of 2, 10 and 11 show success whereas whatever be the planet, if it is in the constellation of lord of 8 or 12, it is bad.

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