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Vimsottari Dasa System of Predictions Part 3

Dr. Shanker Adawal

Part 3

The Dasa of a planet, (who is ruling at a given time), treat this house occupied by that planet as the Lagna, further, find out of the house counted from this Lagna, that the Sub-period Lord is occupying. Also assess the strength of these two planets obtained through their association with or aspect by other planets. If these two planets are not mutually be in 6/8th house or aspect, the resulting effect will be happy. Otherwise evil effect will emanate according to the strength of the planet.

The Dasa-periods and the sub-periods of the planets owning Kendra’s and trines will prove auspicious, while those of the planets owning the 2nd, 3rd and the 11th house will be of moderate effects. The Dasas, etc., of planets owning the 6th, the 8th and the 12th Bhavas will always prove adverse to the native. These results should be declared in the respective Dasas and Sub-periods of planets after an examination of the lord of the Dasa and the Bhava occupied by him.

Should the Sub-period Lord occupy the 12th, 6th or the 8th place from that of the lord of the Dasa, he then becomes hostile to the Dasa-lord. The planet in the 11th, the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 9th or the 10th house from the Dasa-Lord is said to be greatly beneficial to the native. The planet occupying the 7th place from the Dasa Lord and the one associating with him are also found to be favourable.

When the Dasa Lord is inauspicious and the Sub-period Lord is auspicious and is not associated with the same, the result will be adverse. When the Sub-period Lord is a benefic and is associated with the Dasa Lord, the result will be mixed. The Sub-period Lord, even if the Sub-period Lord be a Yogkaraka planet will become more hostile and distressing, should he not be associating with the Dasa Lord. When the Dasa Lord is powerful enough to cause both Yoga and death, he will give the effects of the Yoga first in his own Sub-period.

When the entire period over which the aforesaid Yogkaraka rules be completely auspicious and the Sub-periods of the various malefic planets be accordingly favourable, the Yogkaraka planet puts off the causing of death to the person concerned. Such a Dasa Lord will never give mixed results; when he does so, the Dasa will only prove entirely fruitless. This is what the wise say.

Jupiter and Venus in their mutual Dasa and Sub-periods bestow upon the native kingship or the position of a minister, much wealth and happiness through wife and children. The man concerned will devote his energies in the performance of sacrifices, birth of children, marriage celebrations and other similar auspicious functions provided these two planets are strong and occupy good houses and are also associated with and aspected by auspicious planets.

The same above two planets when occupy Bhavas which are quincunx (150o ) i.e. 6 & 8 to each other or are mutually placed in the 2nd and the 12th; or if they two be aspected by or associated with the lords of these houses; or if they themselves be the owners of these houses and be at the same time aspected by or in association with malefic, and are weak in Bhava position, etc., they will, during their Dasa period cause separation from wife and sons, displeasure of a highly learned persons, trouble through intrigues with females, royal displeasure and fear of epileptic attacks.

When Venus and Saturn occupy their exaltation, own-house or Vargottam amsa and are strong and equally powerful to cause Yoga, they will, in their mutual Dasas and Sub-periods make the man concerned a beggar seeking alms and a powerless being, even though he be born a king or a multimillionaire. If however, one of the two is strong and the other weak, the stronger one will cause the Yoga.

When both of them be weak and be so mutually placed that one occupies the 12th, the 8th or the 6th from the other or happens to own such places; or be associated with the lords of these houses, they tend to be auspicious and grant wealth and happiness to the man concerned. When one of them is the lord of an auspicious Bhava and the other of an unfavourable one, even then, both of them will produce good results. Should they both be malefic they will prove extremely favourable to the native.

When Saturn and the Sun occupy their own or exalted Rasis or be in the corresponding Navamsa or Kendra or Trine positions or be owners of these houses, they will bestow upon the native royal favour, wealth and the like in the Sun’s Sub-period of Saturn’s Dasa; and happiness, wealth and victory in Saturn’s Sub-period of the Sun’s Dasa. Should these two planets be (both) malefic they become productive of distress for the native.

When Mars and Jupiter are, in the same manner, strong and occupy favourable Bhavas and possess the aspect or company of a strong benefic planet, they cause Rajyoga to the man concerned, they become instrumental in bringing joy, all kinds of enjoyments and pleasure, sons living long life, marriage and other pleasant ceremonies. If otherwise, they will exhibit contrary results.

Jupiter and Mercury, When similarly strong, will enable the native for good actions, grant great learning, he will be clever in trading and possessed of Wife, children and happiness. Venus and Mercury, Jupiter and the Moon, the Moon and Venus, Jupiter and the Sun, the Sun and Mars, the Sun and Mercury, each of these pairs will promote effects akin to those indicated for Jupiter and Mercury.

Necessary consideration should also be given to the effects which may arise due to the transit of the planets during their course through the several houses counted from the Moon sign at Birth, (Radix Moon) and the combined effects alone should be pronounced.

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