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It WAS 5 per sent people who GOT up every morning and asked FOR MORE. This is increasing - there are many more who WAKE UP & say that 'this is not enough' - this is a THREAT to the 5 per cent in the world - resources are limited - there are only two options - 1. Tell people to be satisfied or make THEM 'DUDES' - make them live from the CREDIT CARD - immerse them into luxuries - from girl friends to products through the plastic/loan route. It is all a big scheme played by the FEW with a long term perspective. Spirituality helps all - those who control resources to those who work for the controllers - the thinking should be to SURGE, AHEAD with less emotions/detached but the game BY THE INDRAS' OF TODAY is to BIND you to your religion/God/caste - keep yourself busy -------- - the plan is to make you ------- - you must work and there is nothing taught or opportunity given where you go to OWN & DEPLOY - you work , have some fun , look at credit card, take loan for a house, have a girl friend, work on wife & children, be a good father / grand father & die --- ???

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