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The Sub-Periods Calculation – Krittikadi

Dr. Shanker Adawal

The sub-periods are obtained by multiplying together the years due to the planet ruling the period and sub-period; then, leaving off the last figure in the product, multiply it by 3, and call the result days, the first figure in the product being so many months.

Thus, to find the sub-period due to the Moon in its own period:-

The period of the Moon is ten years:-

10 x 10 = 100 = 10 months.

There is a zero for the last figure of the product, and therefore the sub-period has no odd days. Take another example:-

Find the sub-period due to Mars in the period of the Sun, the Sun’s period being six years, and that of Mars seven years.

(Last fig:- 2 multiplied by 3 = 6 days)

They are further divided into Sub-sub period periods. The rule for determining their duration is as follows:-

1. Divide the months of the sub-period by 4; this will give so many days, hours, etc.

2. Divide the days of the sub-period by 5; this will give so many hours, minutes, etc.

3. The days, hours, and minutes thus product must be multiplied by the total period (Dasa) of the planet, whose Sub-sub-period period is required.
Example.-Required the Sub-sub-period of Jupiter in the sub-period of Saturn, during the major period 
(Dasa) of Ketu.

Ketu Period = 7 years

Ketu-Saturn Sub-period = 13 months 9 days

Jupiter Sub-sub-period = required.

By Rule one, 13/4 = 3 days 6 hours

By Rule two. 9/5 = 1 hour 48 minutes

Total = 3 days 7 hours 48 minutes

Apply Rule three: - This period, is multiplied by 16, the total period of Jupiter whose Sub-sub-period, is required = 1 month 25 days 9 hours 48 minutes, which is Jupiter Sub-sub-period in the sub-period of Saturn during the major period of Ketu or as one would say:

In Ketu Dasa during Saturn sub-period:

The Jupiter sub-sub-period is 1 month 25 days 9 hours and 48 min. as per English calendar of 365 ¼ days.

3 days x 16 = 48 days = one month 18 days

18 days x 24 = 432 hrs

7 hrs x 16 = 112 hrs

48 min x 16 = 768 min divide by 60 = 12.8 hrs = 12 hrs 48 min

Now add total hrs (432+112+12.8 = 556.8 hrs)

556.8 hrs divide by 24 = 23 days 4 hrs 48 min.

Jupiter Sub-sub-period, in the sub-period of Saturn, during the period of Ketu is 1 month 23 days 4 hrs 48 min for the year is of 360 days as per Vedic system).

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