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Start of Career? Part 2

Dr. Shanker Adawal

Part 2

If the significators so found out happen to be weak, and if there are planets which are conjoined with or aspected by any of the significators and if they are very strong, much stronger than the significators, then the planets with which the significator is conjoined or the planets, which receive aspect from the significators will surely give the results in their period.

If you feel any difficulty to judge which planets are the real significators to answer your query please follow this method. (1) What is the day-to-day? Who rules the day? (2) what is the Nakshatra, i.e. in which constellation does the Moon pass and who is the lord of the Nakshatra? (3) In which sign Moon is transiting and who is the lord of the sign and then (4) the lord of the Lagna.

Thus, you have to take the planets ruling the moment at which there is the urge to put a particular question. Let us proceed. Today, it is Tuesday. It is ruled by Mars. Now Moon is in the first degree of Gemini. The Nakshatra is Mrigasirisha, which is ruled by Mars. The sign is Gemini, which is ruled by Mercury. The lagna is Leo (Simha) which is owned by Sun. Also, it is necessary to note the asterism in which the lagna has fallen. Lagna is in the last portion of the star Poorvapalguni (otherwise called Pooram), which is governed by Venus-Sukra. Therefore, Shukra also must be taken. Hence, the number of planets are four. The significators are four and one has to take Mars, Mercury, Sun and Venus.

Then what is the nature of the profession? He may be in the Government Press where in artistic display is done. Because, Sun represents the Government, Mercury denotes the paper, publicity etc. Mars, the press and (Venus) Shukra for beauty. Or, he may be working in a Chemical Engineering concern who may supply chemicals to Government like Bleaching Powder, Mettur Chemical Industry like that. Or, he may be a Mechanical (Mars) Engineer (Mercury) with security of service (Sun) is any automobile (Venus) Engineering concern.

So, we are required to know the department in which the native is working. In this case, the native was working in Royal Enfield as a Mechanical Engineer.

Then no planet has failed to give the result. It is a sound concern. So, there is security of service. Venus shows vehicles, Mercury engineering, Mars machinery, Sun, security of service. Therefore, the four planets which rule the moment happen to be very correct.

Now, let us look at the chart. He is born in Cancer Lagna (Karkata). There is no planet in the 2nd house. No planet occupies the 6th, but there is only Ketu in the 10th house. Ketu’s Nakshatras are Aswini, Makam and Moolam. There is no planet in Aswini and none in Moolam. But the three planets which occupy Makam are Mars, Mercury and Sun. Now, we have to see how Venus gains strength and it is one of the significators. It will be seen that Venus is in the constellation of lord of 10, Mars. Jupiter also is in the constellation of lord of 10, Mars. Therefore, actually he has got Mars, Jupiter, Mercury, Sun and Venus indicating his profession. Now, when we calculate the time when he ought to have entered into service, it is to be said that during Jupiter Dasa, Venus Bhukthi in any of the Antaras of Mars, Mercury and Sun, he must be appointed. Actually in that of Jupiter, Venus and Mars, he was appointed in July 1959. Therefore, Krishnamurti Padhdhathi very clearly indicates the movement of query, when read with the horoscope it will prove to be true.

If the same native would have had in mind to put a question, say, about the date of birth or about the lagna or the Moon sign, then also we have to take like that. But she has no other query, except to know the signification of profession. The lady has no urge for anything else. But the urge is t find out only the significators for the profession. Therefore, whatever be the nature of he query, mysteriously God, the Almighty, has its own plan plays His part promptly and places the planets properly in such a position that there is 100 percent agreement between the ruling planets at the time of query and the significators for the particularly query to that chart.

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