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Rules for Interpretation of Period of Planets Part 2

Dr. Shanker Adawal

Part 2

26. During the Period of the lord of the 5th house, the native shall be blessed with good education and wealth.

27. During the Period of the lord of the 6th house, there shall be danger from enemies.

28. During the Period of the lord of the 7th house, the native would pass through much sorrow.

29. During the Period of the lord of the 8th house, death of the native may be predicted.

30. During the Period of the lord of the 9th house, the native shall perform acts of charity, religious duties, etc.

31. During the Period of the lord of the 10th house, the native shall receive much wealth by serving the ruler.

32. During the Period of the lord of the 11th house, native shall gain every where.

33. During the Period of the lord of the 2th house, the native shall suffer loss of wealth and pass through much trouble.

34. During the Period of a planet that possesses Digbala, the native would participate in a big undertaking bring for himself favour and fortune corresponding with the nature of the planet.

35. During the Period and Sub-period of planets placed in 6 and 8 house to each other, the native shall pass through great danger and anxiety.

36. During the Period of the Atma karaka, the native may suffer the loss of position/Status and that of wealth.

37. During the Period of a malefic and the Sub-Period of a benefic, the native would pass through some trouble at first and then followed by good fortune.

38. During the Period of a benefic and in the Sub-Period of a benefic, the native shall enjoy great happiness.

39. During the Period of a benefic and in the Sub-Period of a malefic, the native shall find the 1st half of his life full of happiness, and the last full of fear.

40. During the beginning of a new Period or Sub-Period, the position and strength of the various planets and that of the Ascendant at that time should be correctly assessed.

41. If in this nativity (referred to above) the lord of Period be a benefic or occupy an Upachaya position (34rd, 11th, 10th and 6th) with respect to the Ascendant, his Period would be the best.

42. If the Ascendant is in a friendly Varga of the Period Lord or in the Varga of a benefic, the Period shall prove auspicious.

43. With the beginning of a Period or Sub-Period if the Moon enters her own house, the native would get honour, wealth and happiness; if she enters Leo. The native would be above want; if she passes through a house of Mars, the native would frequently quarrel and be in debt; if through a house of Mercury, the gain shall be of learning and wealth; if through a house of Jupiter, the native shall experience happiness through agriculture, recognition and wealth; if through a house of Venus, the native gets a good wife, honour, fame and wealth. Transit of Moon through a house of Saturn would engage the native in the service of others.

44. If Moon at the time of beginning of a Period is powerful and is posited in other than the 6th, 8th or 12th house, the period will come out to be the best.

45. If Moon is in the exaltation sign of the Period Lord, friendly sign or her own sign and occupy an Upachya, Trine or the 7th place from the Sign occupied by the Period Lord, he would give good results and in any other position it would be otherwise.

46. Mark the Sign occupied by Moon at the time of entry of a Period and the particular house signified by this Sign in the nativity. The Moon’s presence in it, whether good or bad, shall be with reference to that house only.

47. In the course of the Period of a malefic associated with an inimical planet and in a malefic planet’s Sub Period, the native would certainly pass through some calamity.

48. At the beginning of the Period of a malefic planet, if there is a planet possessing greatest strength in every way and is in benefic Varga, aspected by benefic or by a friend, the Calamity will not befall but shall be warded off.

48. Counted from the Moon or the Ascendant, if at the beginning of a Period, the Period Lord occupy during his transit an Upachaya house, a friendly house, his exaltation or his Mooltrikona sign, he would produce in full the effects obtained from the benefic dots and would show only in a small degree the evil effects resulting from the malefic dots (under Ashtakavarga System) otherwise, the evil effects due to malefic dots would be fully revealed, while those due to the benefic dots, only in a small degree. Even here prediction could be made proportionately.

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