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Periods and Sub-periods and their effects Part 4

Dr. Shanker Adawal

Part 4

In the Period of Mars, the person will acquire wealth, by fighting with his enemies, through his brother, the king, lands, woolen goods and goats.

He will hate his sons, friend’s wife, and brothers and will dislike learned men and men of importance; he will suffer from diseases caused by or connected with thirst, blood, fever, bile, loss of limbs of sexual intercourse with other women. He will associate with men doing wicked deeds; be will become vicious, harsh in speech and cruel.

In the Period of Mercury, the person will acquire wealth by doing acts of message and through friends, preceptors and Brahmins. His praises will be sung by learned men. He will become famous and will get brass and the like, mixed metals, gold, horses, lands, popularity, comfort and ease. He will be skilled in the art of ridiculing others and serving under other men. He will get an increase of wisdom and successfully do deeds of virtue.

He will suffer from harsh words, will suffer from grief, imprisonment, mental agony and diseases arising from an affection of the three datum-Vata. (wind), pita (bile), and Sleshma (phlegm).
In the Period of Jupiter, the person will acquire wealth by acts of worship, by his learning, valour, ingenuity, bright personal appearance military fame, by acts of generosity, mantras, diplomacy, the king and the Vedas. He will have an increase of gold etc., horses, Birth of male children, elephants and cloths, and will acquire the friendship of good kings.

He will learn things requiring much ingenuity will suffer from foot during journey and pain in the ear and will quarrel with wicked men.

In the Period of Venus, the person will enjoy sweet music, various pleasures, perfumes, sumptuous meals, alcohol, fine cloths, women, and precious stones. He will be of fine appearance, valorous, and will enjoy every substance provoking sexual passion, will become learned in the Yoga and Shastras, will obtain the object of his desire, will acquire friends, will become skilled in trade and in agriculture and will get hidden treasures and wealth.

He will quarrel with crowds of people, with the king, hunters and wicked men and he will suffer grief from his own friends.

In the Period of Saturn, the person will get asses, camels, load carriages, birds, buffaloes and old women, will rule over hamlets, villages or towns, and will thereby become renowned and will get grain of inferior quality.

He will suffer difficulties from phlegmatic and windy complaints; from jealousy, anger, distraction of mind, and dirty habits. He will be idle, suffer from grief and be much troubled. His servants, sons, daughters and wife will exercise authority over him and his organs will become defective.

If the Period be a benefic one, the good effects will come to pass; if it be a malefic one, the bad effects will come to pass. If it be of a mixed nature, both effects will come to pass. The effects for the Lagna Period are the same as the effects for the Period of the lord of the rising sign.

In the benefic Dasa periods of the planets, a person will acquire the several metals assigned to the planets, and in the malefic Dasa periods of the planets, he will lose them. Again, in the Period of a planet, a person’s occupation will be that mentioned for the planet. The effects described for the 12 houses from the ascendant, for the 12 signs from Aries, fro planetary aspects, and for all yogas, excepting Nabhasa yogas, (The effects of the Nabhasa yogas will be felt throughout life) will occur in the Period of the planet which is most powerful among the yoga planets.

In the Period of a particular planet, the person’s complexion will be that due to the elementary principles presided over by the planet and the complexion will be accompanied by certain other qualities due to the elementary principles of earth, water, fire, air and akas and discernible by their respective organs of sense, viz., the nose, the tongue, the eyes, the body and the ears.

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