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Know About Fasting Part 1

Dr. Shanker Adawal

Part 1

Fasts are recommended on a specific day and on that appointed day clothes are worn according to the planet for whom the fast is observed and using crystal or Rudraksha bead mantras have to be chanted to appease the planet. Fasts observed with the proper japams give ten fold effect to the person who is observing the fast.

Other Upayas (Remedies) related to Service Profession and Business:

1. Should you be not getting an employment or job despite much efforts, make big and smooth lemon (ball) of yellow colour, cut it into 4 equal pieces and throw one piece in each major direction, on a crossing. Do so for 11 days in a row and you will get employment.

2. Should you feel as if some one has had progress in your concern bound by an evil spirit, have a tooth of a boar placed on the wall of your premises (of establishment) in such a way that it may be visible to all who come in Do so on the first Wednesday of any bright half. Also, decorating the Shwetark Ganapati (white idol) with Sindoor-coating and the silver foil also ward off such evil effects and your concern progresses very fast. Not only that, you will develop a knack of taking right decisions at due time.

3. When going on an important mission take a piece of Roti in your hand and throw it in the direction you find many crows. This shall ensure success in your mission.

4. Soak black grams on Friday night and prepare them (by seasoning) in mustard oil. Give a little of the prepared grams to a horse or buffalo and another part to a leper. Keep the third part on your threshold after taking it round your head in anti-clockwise direction. Do so for forty days to ensure smooth sailing in the professional field.

5. Take a piece of a thread made of raw cotton or Kachcha soot and dye it with pure saffron chanting the following name: `Om Mahalakshmyei Namah’. Tie this thread at your business-shop or establishment. Your business shall flourish. For those in service should keep this thread in the drawer of their table for better service conditions and to get quick promotion.

6. Those going on a repeated business trips should keep one and a quarter rupee at a safe and hidden place. After coming back give that to a beggar. Your mission will be accomplished easily and smoothly.

7. Should you be finding labour trouble in your unit, pick up an iron nail that you happen to find lying on your way while coming to your concern. Wash it first in a buffalo’s unit and then with Ganga water and throw it towards the shed where your workers work. The workers will not create any disturbance and your concern will do well.

8. Procure 7 green chilies with straight stem and a lime on any Tuesday. Thread them all in a black thread and tie them with the help of a peg outside your premises. Do so on every Tuesday. This measure ensures flourishing business. You can do so even on Saturdays as well.

9. Those businessmen facing recurring losses must have the `havan’ done at their place with Gayatri Mantra. Then collect the ashes at the altar in a white cloth and keep it preserved at your home or office or shop. Your business will flourish. In case you have chronic bad health problem, put a little of that ash on your forehead as well. You will have your health related problems also removed.

10. Many a times it has been observed that an industrialist gets enough encouragement to start a new industry after getting tremendous success in the old one but when the new one becomes quite a nightmare. In such a condition take the following measure. On any Saturday bring anything made of iron (any iron piece) from the old concern to the new concern and before keeping it in the new concern put some black Urad around it. Make sure that the thing once kept at a place is not removed. This will encourage the new concern to flourish as well.

11. If you want to please your seniors (in service) or get transferred to your desired place, for 27 days in a row offer water, in which a Sun-flower (Suraj Mukhi) has een soaked, to the rising sun along with the flower. You will have your desire fulfilled.

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