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Kala Chakra Dasa favourable and unfavourable effects Part 3

Dr. Shanker Adawal

Part 3

Birth in Libra Navamsa:

Libra: Financial prosperity

Scorpio: Gain from brothers and friends

Sagittarius: Gain form close relations

Capricorn: Distress to mother

Aquarius: Gains and success in ventures

Pisces: Acquisition of property and vehicles

Scorpio: Distress to spouse

Libra: Danger from water and chemicals

Virgo: Acquisition of property and happiness

Birth in Scorpio Navamsa:

Cancer: Financial difficulties

Leo: Wrath of higher authorities

Gemini: Acquisition of property

Taurus: Increase in wealth

Aries: Blood disorders

Pisces: Happiness

Aquarius: Success in business or trading.

Capricorn: Financial loss

Sagittarius: Acquisition of property and vehicles

Birth in Sagittarius Navamsa:

Aries: Financial gains

Taurus: Gain of properties

Gemini: Success in efforts

Cancer: Gain of vehicles and luxury articlers

Leo: Comforts and happiness

Virgo: Disputes

Libra: Financial gains

Scorpio: Health problems

Sagittarius: Happiness from children

Birth in Capricorn Navamsa:

Capricorn: Birth of children

Aquarius: Financial gains

Pisces: Prosperity

Scorpio: Danger of accidents and injuries

Libra: Financial gains

Virgo: Trouble from opponents

Cancer: Gain of wealth

Leo: Problems due to enemies

Gemini: Poisoning and upset stomach

Birth in Aquarius Navamsa:

Taurus: Increase in wealth

Aries: Eye trouble

Pisces: Foreign Travels

Aquarius: Financial gains

Capricorn: Success and prosperity

Sagittarius: Gains of knowledge nad expertise

Aries: Grief and mental tension

Taurus: Death like conditions

Gemini: Acquisition of properties and vehicles

Birth in Pisces Navamsa:

Cancer: Financial gains

Leo: Favours from higher authorities

Virgo: Acquisition of prosperity and property

Libra: Financial prosperity

Scorpio: Health problems

Sagittarius: Gain of knowledge and financial gains

Capricorn: Romance and enjoyment of married life

Aquarius: Danger from water

Pisces: Success and prosperity

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