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How to Determining Life Events of a Native

Dr. Shanker Adawal

1. The lord of the Period,

2. The planets in combination with him,

3. The planets those were aspected by him,

4. The lord of the Rasi occupied by the Period Lord in the Rasi Chart,

5. The lord of the Rasi occupied by the Period Lord in the Navamsa Chart,

6. The lord of the Trimsamsa of the Period Lord,

7. The lord of the ninth bhava,

8. The planets that are in Trines from the Lagna,

9. All these above items of planets will yield yoga (or good or bad results) in their sub-periods.

10. Rahu and Ketu will yield the results of these the planets in whose Rasi they are.
The strength (i.e. Shada Bala strengths), of these planets must first be ascertained.

a) If the lord of the sub-period is posited in his own rasi, in his friendly rasi, in his exaltation rasi, and in a Trine rasi (i.e. 5 or 9) he will yield results which are pertaining to or appropriate to his own bhava, to the bhava in which he is situated and also to the rasi occupied by him in Transit (i.e. Star course). If he is a malefic, he will yield malefic and unfavourable results; if he is of a Mixed nature (i.e. a combination of benefic and malefic natures), he will yield results of a mixed nature (i.e. of a mixture of propitious and unpropitious results).

b) But a Period Lord, will not in his own Sub-Period, yield results in harmony with, or appropriate to his nature, but he will yield results which, are in consonance with, or which are a continuation of, the results of the previous Sub-Period. If, however, he yields his own appropriate results in his own sub-Period on the contrary, he will not yield his own appropriate results in the other sub-Period of his Period, through the other Sub-Period Lords.

c) This will happen only when the Period Lord only is very powerful, while the other Sub-Period Lords are powerless.

d) When the Period Lord is benefic, if the Sub-Period Lord is malefic, the Sub-Period Lord will not produce his appropriate effects in his sub-Period, but on the other hand. He will keep quiet. If the Period Lord is in the midst of malefic, the Period Lord, in some cases will yield unfavourable results to some degree. If, in the same way, a malefic Period Lord is in the midst of benefic, he (the malefic Period Lord) will yield favourable results to some degree.

e) If the Period Lord is a Maraka (i.e. a death-inflicting or Mrithyu Planet or death-causing planet) and at the same time is a benefic, the Sub-Period Lord who happens to be lord of the eighth bhava from the Birth Lagna, will be invested with the authority to inflict death. If the lord of the eighth bhava is also a Maraka or an Mrithyu Planet there will be no actual death in that Period. If the Period Lord, though he is a benefic, is in the midst of malefic, he will be indifferent and will not produce favourable results. If the Period Lord, though he is a malefic, is in the midst, of benefic, he will not produce unfavourable results on a large scale. All, that has been said here about the Period Lord, is equally applicable to Sub-Period Lord.

Note: Innumerable and diverse are the results, since equally innumerable are the qualities or the characteristics of planets.

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