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Fate & Gemstones: Can Gem Stone Change Fate? Part 1

Dr. Shanker Adawal

Part 1

Of course, precious stones are having malefic & benevolent effect as per suggestions propounded in the old texts & scripts. Like metals, roots of the multifarious planets, planets provide better effect to give unique result to the native concerned whenever the specified precious stone is used. In this respect, many astrologers cited different opinion. Some of them are of the view that none can give miracle effect. So far my conception is concerned without casting the horoscope of the man/woman by means of getting planetary position on the basis of degree as per ephemeris or almanac, proper stone can not be suggested for the satisfaction of the planet. Those persons who do not know the date/time/place of birth try to get pleasure by showing the palm to the palmist. Palmists will advise stones on the basis of lines, colour and mount of the planets which I think wrong as the planet may be in good/bad position in the rasi chart if comparative analysis is made. It is observed that some times, astrologers advise such a stone to the native by which he gets mollified effect which is harmful for maintaining normal life. Like western countries, investigation on scientific basis is going on, in India also on planetary effect in human life. I have noticed that there are differences to prescribe stones for the planet. Most of the astrologer are of the opinion that the fate (during birth) can not be altered by stone. It is very difficult to change the fate what is written on the forehead of man/woman. Again, some astrologers pointed out that stone can give mild effect on the native. For example: during the Sun shine/rain (incessant), man/woman can protect himself/herself to avoid sun shine/rain by means of having one umbrella. At least some sort of malefic effect can be removed by means of using precious stones. One of the eminent astrologer appended his conception that even death can be avoided if performance of puja (worshipping) for the lord of the planet is maintained if there is tripapi Yoga. Tripapi Yoga means effect of three malefic planet during the period when the native may face troubles like serious illness, accident, injuries, even like eleventh hour of life.

Generally, nine planets give effect on the native, viz. Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu. Ruby is suggested for Sun, pearls or Moon stone for Moon, Coral for Mars, Emerald for Mercury. Topaz for Jupiter, Diamond for Venus, Blue or Red sapphire for Saturn, Gomed or Hessonite for Rahu and Cat’s eye for Ketu. As a whole, if any body is interested to control all the major nine planets in the solar system, he can wear stone composed of nine different types which is generally pointed out as Navrattna. Stones can be advised to use in the two systems viz. to remove the influence of the malefic planet and 2 stone can be used during the malefic/benefic planetary period for favourable result. Another important procedure may be followed if the ruling planet is favoured from the standpoint of Lagna/Ascendant. There are some other stones which are Amethyst, Aquamarine, Turquoise, Lapis lazuli and sardonyx etc.

Of all the stones for the satisfaction of planets, blue/red sapphire gives miracle effect in practical life. It is noticed that if blue/red sapphire is suitable for the native he will be getting fantastic result in any respect. If it doesn’t suit, he may be ill fated unless and until he is going to remove the stone from his hand. That is instant and positive result may be available while somebody is utilizing the blue/red sapphire for favouring the prabajya karaka and Nastika Guna Sampanna planet, Saturn. Meanwhile, the astrological practitioner will have to look into the location of the planet, Saturn in the Rashi chart.

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