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Does Education Determine Nature of Profession? Part 2

Dr. Shanker Adawal

Part 2

The 9th house, in astrological parlance, represents higher education, law, science and so on. In the chart under discussion, the 9th house happens to be in Gemini (Mithuna) ruled by Mercury (udha) in the constellation governed by Jupiter and sub of Mercury itself. Jupiter has chief governorship over law, and the 9th house itself has rule over law, and the 9th house itself has rule over law and legal affairs. The sub lord of the 9th cusp, Mercury, himself is posited in the constellation owned by Jupiter. Mercury, himself is posited in the constellation owned by Jupiter. Mercury also occupies the 9th house. No wonder, he had legal education. This is the real explanation. If traditional principles are taken into account, Jupiter the karaka for law occupying the cusp (Bhava Madhya) of the 10th house (meridian) should have made him a foremost lawyer, especially in the Dasa of lord of 10, Moon, whom he has disposed, and in his own (Jupiter’s) Bhukti, but did it give & Jupiter was also in exaltation in the constellation of Mercury, lord of 9 in 9, and as Jupiter was powerfully connected to the 10th house by profession, he should have turned a lawyer. But the facts are otherwise.

In considering profession, 9th house does not enter our reckoning. For the purpose of determining profession and its prospects, we are required to refer to houses 2, 6 and 10 houses 2 ruling finances, 6th ruling service and 10th denoting honour, status, business, profession, occupation, etc. But the vast majority of us are only employees and are denoted by the 6th house the house of service in return for wages. Jupiter is exalted all in Kataka, Mercury is in Vargotaama also, and Jupiter is also on the cusp of the 10th house, but Jupiter is in the constellation of Mercury, who is lord of 9 in 9, the 9th house being the house of negation to the 10th matters. Both Jupiter and Mercury are aspected by Saturn. Jupiter also occupies the sub of Saturn. Saturn was the sub lord of both the cusps of 6th and 10th houses posited in the constellation of Moon, lord of 10 in 6. It denotes only service career, a subordinate position. Of the planets Jupiter and Mercury, Jupiter and Mercury, Jupiter though he owns the 6th house (service) occupies the constellation of Budha in 9 and the sub of Saturn; Mercury, on the other hand, occupies the constellation of Jupiter in 10 and Moon, lord of 10 in the 6th house. So Mercury is more powerful than Jupiter in the matter of professional prospects, but indicates only service and not an independent profession.

At present there is no possibility of his changing service and switching over to a legal career in an independent way. Till 8-3-1976, the native runs the Dasa of Mars according to Vimshottari Dasa system, and Mars as lord of 2 occupies the constellation of Moon, lord of 10 in the 6th house (service). So, till then there can be no change. Rahu, who succeeds Mars, will have his Dasa from 8-3-1976 for a period of 18 years. Rahu is connected in Jupiter in the 10th house by constellation, and will in its Dasa in the Bhukti of Guru (Jupiter) operating between 201-78 and 14-4-1981 provide him an opportunity for elevation to a post where his legal education will have immense scope for expression.

Krishnamurti Padhdhati gives a clear and concise picture. It is free from contradictions which afflict the traditional system.

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