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Dasa of the Lord of the Fourth House Part 1

Dr. Shanker Adawal

Part 1

Helping relations, promotion of agriculture, company of females, acquisition of vehicles, land, new home, wealth, higher status may all be expected by the native during the progress of the Dasa of the lord of the 4th house.

When the lord of the 4th house is badly posited, he will, during his Dasa, cause distress to the mother (of the native), sickness to his close friends, danger to his lands and property, loss of cattle etc., and danger from water.

4th lord. When the period of the lord of 4th who is strong and well placed progresses, there will be help from relatives and friends, association with famous and learned men, income from agricultural operations, purchase of landed property, house, vehicles, etc. The native will have a higher status in society and if in service, will get a promotion. There will be perfect harmony in domestic affairs, mother’s health and affairs will be moving smoothly, educational pursuits will be accomplished and will have enjoyments in short journey and pleasure trips realised.

If the 4th lord is weak, badly placed and afflicted, during its periods, mother will fall ill. There will be domestic quarrels and unhappiness, loss of ancestral property, danger of accidents from vehicles and cattle, removal from the house, wickedness and loss of friends, association with wicked people and loss thereby, quarrels and misunderstandings with relatives, etc. There will be scandals and false accusations against the person.

The Period of the Lord of the Fourth Bhava (from classics)

1) If the lord of the fourth bhava is situated in Kendra or Trine or in his Own house with strength, the Native will have education, gain and happiness through lands etc, agriculture will be profitable to him; he will construct a new house, sink a new well, will plant fruit-bearing trees etc, will have vehicles or conveyances and happiness through mother and will be initiated into learning. If the karaka planet of these several kinds of results or significations is also strong, the Native will have the scope of attaining the signification on a commendable scale.

If however, the lord of the fourth bhava is weak, contrary results must be predicted and the Native’s endeavours in these directions will be unproductive of favourable results; if the lord of the fourth bhava has sovereignty over unpropitious bhava also, every result will be of a mixed nature. The effects or signification of the planets that are the lords of the benefic amsa or benefic Trimsamsa in which the lord of the fourth bhava is situated, should be taken into account and added as results are bound to happen in that Period (i.e. the Period of the lord of the fourth bhava) or in his sub-period.

2) If the lord of the fourth bhava is posited in the fifth bhava in combination with the lord of the fifth bhava, or if these planets are in mutual reception (i.e. occupy each other’s Rasis), the Native will achieve good reputation in Government; will acquire wealth through education and lands in his father’s birth-place; his house will abound in grains and cows; and he will, above all, have the friendship of a dignified person or lord. If the lord of the fifth bhava is strong, the Native will have children in his days of fortune, his children will prosper and he will command much happiness and comfort through his father; if, however, the lord of the fifth bhava is weak, the Native will be poor, but happy in his father’s house. If the lord of the fourth bhava is very strong and if the karaka planet also is strong, the Native will certainly have a vehicle (conveyance) which is bedecked or embedded with golden materials and which is a presentation to him by the Government. The nature of the vehicle must be described with reference to the character of the planet or the rasi producing this vehicle-yoga. If the rasi or planet is in movable, the vehicle will be a very costly one, if it is fixed, the vehicle will be a palanquin and if it is dual, the vehicle will be of other kinds. If the lord of the fourth bhava is, in the Navamsa- Chart, in the sixth, eighth or twelfth amsa-rasi from the lord of the fifth bhava in the Navamsa Chart, there will be a set-back to the combination and the vehicle will be one that has been purchased; if the Lord of Ascendant is weak and is posited in a bad bhava, the Native will be in exile as the result of king’s wrath, or will have the presentation of a damaged or used transport etc. in a king’s court or council. If both the lords of the fourth and fifth bhavas are weak, the Native will get no fortune on account of his enemies even though he has approached the authority, will have no vehicles, will derive no benefits through his witchcraft and he will be unprofitably engaged in sorcery. These results must be predicted during the Period of the lord of the fourth bhava.

3) If the lord of the fourth bhava is posited in the sixth bhava is posited in the sixth bhava in combination with the lord of the sixth bhava and if the karaka-planet also is strong, the Native will, during the Period of the lord of the fourth bhava, have an increased yield from his lands; his mother will be happy; he will also be happy; his assets will prosper; he will thrive well in his education; his vehicles also will thrive well and his maternal uncle will have much happiness. If these planets are weak, the results will be contrary to the results mentioned above, the Native will have a fall from a vehicle, his mother will become unhealthy, his property etc, will have to be sold away and their will be litigation about lands and interruption in education etc. If they are in the Navamsa-Chart in the sixth, eighth and twelfth amsa from each other, these bad effects will be on a small scale.

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