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Profession (combinations of planets) Part 4

Dr. Shanker Adawal

Part 4

Iron and Steel: Saturn, Mars.

Jute: Saturn, Venus, Moon, Mars.

Leather: Mars, Venus, Saturn.

Lime: Venus, Mercury.

Locks: Mars, Saturn, Mercury.

Locomotives: Mars, Venus.

Magician: Moon, Neptune.

Marine Engineer: Moon, Mercury, Mars.

Mechanical Engineer: Mars, Mercury.

Metal: Venus.

Mica: Venus, Saturn.

Microscope: Jupiter, Mercury, Mars.

Milk: Venus, Moon.

Mineral: Venus, Saturn.

Mines: Saturn.

Nurse: Sun, Moon, Mercury, Virgo.

Nursery: Mars, Moon, Venus.

Nuts: Venus, Mars, Sun.

Oil-Linseed: Lubricants – Moon.

Optician: Sun or Venus – Mars.

Paintings: Venus, Moon.

Paper: Mercury.

Pencils: Mercury, Saturn.

Perfumes: Venus, Moon.

Pharmaceutical Specialists: Sun.

Photography: Sun, Venus, Moon.

Pipes: Mon, Mars, Mercury.

Plywood: Mars, Venus.

Power House: Mars, Mercury, Venus.

Power House Water Supply: Moon, Mars, Mercury.

Press: Mars, Mercury.

Printer: Mars, Mercury, Jupiter.

Pumpsets: Mars, Moon, Saturn.

Quarry: Mars, Saturn.

Radio: Jupiter, Venus, Mercury.

Railway: Venus, Mercury (common sign).

Refrigeration: Saturn.

Ricemill: Mars, Venus, Mercury.

Road-Highways-Road Roller: Mars, Venus, Saturn.

Road – Transport: Mars, Venus, Mercury.

Rubber: Venus, Moon, Mars.

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