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Planets and Legal Profession Part 2

Mercury is lord of the 2nd and the 11th, both having references to finance and hence he gets dignified. More so, he is in the Ascendant enjoying digbala or directional strength. From the Moon, Mercury has formed Adhi Yoga and hence is fortified.

As such, the native is likely to be a successful lawyer. Till 1979, he will be having Mercury’s period to be followed by Kethu and Venus. Mercury though in the Ascendant, occupies the constellation of Kethu, who is not only in the 12th but also in the 12th from Mercury and hence most of the results have been choked.

Again Mercury is aspected by Saturn who is in a state of retrogression and also by the Moon, the 12th lord. Hence, till Mercury’s period, the native will have ordinary practice; however, after 1973, the practice will be built up much during Venus’ period. Kethu may offer him the post of a sub-judge and during Venus’ period the native is likely to be elevated to the Bench. Venus has formed Adhi Yoga and from the Moon he is a Yogakaraka.

This is also the horoscope of another lawyer. His practice is ordinary though he has about 15 years experience in the Bar. Analysing the 10th house, we find that the 5th lord, Mars, is in the 10th and Jupiter is in the 9th bhava. Mars is enjoying directional strength. The 10th lord, Mercury is in the 8th conjunct the 9th lord, the Sun. Hence he is blemished. From the Moon, he caused Adhi Yoga and derives considerable strength.

Till his 41st year, he will be having Mercury’s period to be followed by Kethu and Venus. Ketu has to reflect the results of the Sun who in turn is in the 8th and hence blemished. The 10th lord, Mercury, is well placed from the Moon and the planet of justice, Jupiter, I in an angle from the Moon. As such, the native will have his prosperity by elevation to the Bench. Till that time, his practice will be ordinary. Elevation to the Bench is likely during Venus’s major period and in the sub period of Mars. This will be around his 52nd or 53rd year.

In these cases, we have seen that the prosperity is choked for lack of directional influences. Here the 2nd lord Saturn is in the 2nd. The 11th lord Venus is in the 9th. The 9th lord is in the 8th. But for the 9th lord, the other financial factors are well disposed indicating affluence and prosperity. But actually, the native is having only ordinary income and this is clearly explained by the fact that the periods have choked the results. However, here also Venus will be the best part of his career.

Note that though Saturn as the 2nd lord is in the 2nd, still he cannot give good finance as he is in a state of retrogression allowing a free outlet for the income.

Generally, a good disposition of Mercury coupled with favourable financial factors and operation of such periods make for successful and prosperous lawyers.

Dr. Shanker Adawal
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