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Planets and Foreign Travels Part 4

Dr. Shanker Adawal

Part 4

The  Ascendant is occupied by the Sun, the Moon and Mercury- lords of the 9th to the 12th and aspected by Jupiter retrograde in Rasi and exalted in Navamsa. Lord of the Ascendant, Venus, is in the 3rd in Jupiter’s house in Moola ruled by Kethu who resides with Saturn in the 2nd from the Ascendant and 12th from Venus.

His birth data is 12-11-1928 at 5 a.m. Lat. 31degree38’N and Long. 74degree52’E.

Example (2) – Natal Chart

Balance of Jupiter Dasa at birth: 14 years, 7 months and 13 days.

Note: In Bhava, the Sun and the Moon are in the 2nd and Saturn in the 3rd.

Saturn in the 3rd Bhava with Venus with Jupiter’s aspect may be considered generally a balancing feature of the horoscope although the martian aspect sometimes tends to tilt the balance. At the time of the question, the native was running Mercury Dasa Venus Bhukti. Mercury is lord of the 9th and the 12th ideally suited for foreign voyage, and is placed in the Ascendant (movable, conjoined with the Moon, lord of the 10th, and the Sun, lord of the 11th, and free from combustion. Lord of the Ascendant associated with Saturn, the Yogakaraka, in Sagittarius. Lord of the 12th from Sagittarius is Mars who is the enemy of Venus and who is approaching his depression sign Cancer, and in Rahu’s star without strength. These roughly indicate that there are chances for foreign travel for the native. Mercury Dasa appeared quite appropriate for the travel on the basis of its own qualifications but there was considerable difficulty in fixing the sub lord. Venus, as sub lord, does not lack the potential. Even though foreign travel was not even contemplated in the least by querist, my own inquisitiveness prompted me to probe this aspect further. Hence, as usual, the horoscope for the time of the query was cast as given hereunder in the data, 7th February 1968, 11.35 a.m., New Delhi.

Lagna is movable with its lord Mars in the 12th with retrograde Mercury aspected by retrograde Jupiter. The 12th house is tenanted by a malefic. Lagna is also aspected by its lord Mars, Mercury, the Sun and Venus (according to the aspects recognized in horary astrology) and by Jupiter powerfully.

Example (2) – Horary Chart

Similarly, the exalted Moon is aspected by Jupiter, the Sun, Mercury and Saturn. Of course not all these aspects are applying ones. Essentially the aspect between lord of the Ascendant Mars and that of the 7th Venus, is an applying one with an orb of 8 ½ degrees. This is a satisfactory one. As far as the question put by the person was concerned, a fairly satisfactory time was ahead professionally although not very promising in the immediate future. I tried to analyse the indications for a probable foreign visit obtaining in the natal chart, through the horary chart and found good supporting evidence in it. On the basis of the positive evidence, viz., 8 ½ degrees of applying aspect and others outlined above and the indications in the birth chart, I ventured a prediction of foreign trip to the native in about 8 ½ months from the date of query or roughly by the latter half of November 1968. He did not agree with this prediction as no such thing appeared to him possible in the then prevailing circumstances. But later events duly developed and his trip actually materialized in the middle of December 1968 when transit Jupiter exactly transited the natal Jupiter. This occurred in the Sun’s sub-period of Mercury Dasa and it is not possible for me to explain from birth chart alone how the Sun was able to fill up the role excepting perhaps that he is the karaka for profession and is located in a movable sign.

The above example of horary chart alone clinching the issue should not make us conclude that such solutions can always be found by working out horary charts only.

Primary dependence on the birth horoscope should be deemed very essential and the supporting evidence, timing etc., should be sought from horary and other methods including sidereal solar progression. In other words, broad tendencies of foreign travels may be advanced fairly well with the help of a three-pronged drive, (i) birth horoscope and directional methods; (ii) horary chart to supplement the indication in the natal chart; and (iii) transits and their influence.

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