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Luck and Prosperity Part 4

Dr. Shanker Adawal                                                                  

Part 4

Rise in Career

A. Birth Details:

1. Date of birth – 6 January 1915

2. Time of birth – 9.32.42 A.M. Ist 10.04.22 A.M. L.M.T.

3. Place of birth – 23degree42’ N. Lat. 90degree25’E. Long.

4. Day of birth – Wednesday.

B. Bhava – Chart-

Bhava IV – Saturn (R)

Bhava VI – Ketu, Moon

Bhava IX – Venus

Bhava XI – Mars, sun, Mercury

Bhava XII – Jupiter, Rahu.

1. Rahu is equivalent to Jupiter, because of its association with Jupiter in 12th Bhava, the longitudinal distance between them being only 5degree16’.

2. Ketu is equivalent to Sun, because it is posited in the sign Leo, ruled by Sun. Moreover, the longitudinal distance between Ketu and Moon, with whom Ketu is associated is 11degree36’, which is more than the orb required.

C. Astrological Analysis

For rise in career, let us analyse the houses 2, 6, 10 and 11. House 2 and 6 indicate merely service, 2nd house standing for self-acquisition and 6th house for service, but in order that a person should rise, the houses 10 and 11 must be strong; between these two houses too, house 11 must be strong and powerful, because of all the twelve houses, it is the 11th house alone, which opens the door to realization of one’s ambition.

2nd house is unoccupied by any planet. Jupiter is lord of 2. Jupiter governs Punarvasu, Visakam and Poorvapathra. No planet is in these constellations. Hence take Jupiter, but Jupiter is a weak significator, being posited in Aquarius, a sign ruled by Saturn and Saturn and Jupiter are neutrals to each other.

6th house is occupied by Ketu and Moon. Ketu governs Aswini, Makam and Moolam. No planet is in these constellations except Ketu. No planet is in the Sub of Ketu. Hence Ketu will keep him in service. Similarly Moon governs Rohini, Hastham and Sravanam. No planet is in these constellations. Hence Moon will also retain him in service.

What about houses 10 and 11? 10th houses is unoccupied by any planet. Mars is lord of 10. Mars governs Mrigasira, Chithrai and Dhanishta. Saturn is in Mrigasira and Jupiter and Rahu are in Dhanishta. Hence take Saturn. Jupiter an Rahu.

11th house is occupied by Sun, Mars and Mercury. Sun governs Karthikai, Utharaphalguni and Utharashada. No planet is in these constellations. Sun is posited in the sign Sagittarius, ruled by Jupiter, his friend. So give importance to Sun.

Only Venus and Saturn (R) are in the sub of Sun. Venus is posited in 9th Bhava, which is 12th from 10th Further it is in the sign Scorpio, ruled by Mars. Mars and Venus are neutral to each other. Hence Venus is a weak significator, but being posited in the constellation, it will give mixed results. Saturn is already a significator; further it is the sole planet, who is posited in the constellation of Mars and sub of Sun. Mars and Sun – both are the occupants of 11th Bhava. Hence Saturn is very strong to give the effect of promotion.

We have already considered the planets in the constellation of Mars, while considering 10th house.
Mercury governs Ashlesha, Jyeshta and Revathi. No planet is in these constellations. Mercury is posited in the sign Sagittarius, ruled by Jupiter, who treats him as his enemy. Hence Mercury is weak.

Therefore, Saturn, Jupiter and Rahu are the strong significators for rise in career of this native. Jupiter and Rahu are in conjunction with each other. Rahu is at 6degree10’ in Aquarius and Jupiter is at 0degree54’ in the same sign. Rahu, being a node is more powerful. Moreover, Rahu is posited in the constellation of Mars. Lord of 10 and in the sub of Moon, occupant of 6th Bhava and lord of 6. Hence Rahu is more powerful than Jupiter.

The native runs Saturn Antara under Rahu Dasa, Moon Bhukti from 13-6-1967 to 9-9-1967. Saturn is a strong significator for promotion. The longitudinal distance between Moon and Saturn is 72degree45’, which amounts almost to exact Quintile aspect (i.e. 72 degrees aspect), which is good. Therefore Saturn will cooperate with Moon to give the effect of promotion.

I told the officer that files of promotion should have moved favourably after 13-6-1967, which was confirmed by him. He told me that his immediate boss has recommended his case of promotion very highly after this date. But still as Moon is operating in Bhukti, who is not a significator at all, it is predicted that the native will not get stable promotion during Rahu Dasa Moon Bhukti, although it is sure that he will get some casual or temporary charge of some higher office. This is also true of Rahu Dasa, Mars Bhukti, which the native runs from 24-4-1968 to 12-5-196.

The native will get stable promotion during the conjoined period of all the three strong significators, Rahu, Jupiter and Saturn. He will run Jupiter Dasa, Saturn Bhukti, Rahu Antara from 23-4-1973 to 10-9-1973. Let us confirm it by western aspect.

The longitudinal distance between Jupiter and Saturn is 124degree07’, which amounts to separating trine (120 degrees) aspect. Further, as already analysed, the longitudinal distance between Saturn and Rahu is 118degree51’ which amounts to applying trine (120 degrees) aspect, which is again powerful for good. Hence it is confirmed that the native will be surely promoted during the above mentioned period.

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