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Moon in Yoga Configuration Part 1

Dr. Shanker Adawal                                                                  

Part 1

Chandrama Manasojatah: This is what Shastra speak of the Moon. Moon was born of the mind of the creator. In Puranic Mythology Soma, the Moon, is commonly said to be the son of Rishi Atri by his wife, Ansuya, but the authorities differ. One made his son of Dharma, another gives his paternity to prabhakar (of the race of Atri) and he is also said to have been produced from the churning of the ocean in another Manwantara.

In the Vishnu Purana, he is called “the Monarch of Brahmins” but the Brihd Aranyaka, an older work makes him a kshatriya. He married twenty seven daughters of Rishi Daksha, who are personification of twenty-seven lunar asterisms but keeping up the personality, he paid such attention to Rohini, the fourth of them, that the others became jealous and appealed for their father Daksha’s interference which proved fruitless, and he cursed his son-in-law, so that he remained childless and moved the pity of his wives, and they interceded with their father for him. He could not recall his curse, but modified it so that the decay should be periodical not permanent. Hence the wane and increase of the Moon.

He performed the Raja-Suya sacrifice, and consequently became arrogant and licentious and carried off Tara, the wife of Brihaspati and refused to give her up either on the entreaties of her husband or at the command of Brahma. This gave rise to a wide spread quarrel. The sage Ushanas, out of enmity to Brihaspati sided with soma, and he was supported by the Danavas, the Diatyas, and other foes of the god. Indra and gods, in general, sided with Brihaspati. There ensured a fierce battle and the “earth was shaken to its center.”

Soma had his body cut into two by Shiva’s Trident, and hence he is called Bhagnatma. At length Brahma interposed and stopped the fight, compelling Soma to restore Tara to her husband. The result of this intrigue was the birth of a child whom Tara after great persuasion declared to be the son of Soma, and to whom the name of Buddha was given. Though there is no enemy to Moon but Mercury regards the Moon as his enemy as Saturn regards his father Sun as enemy.

The position of Moon in the chart of a native is of paramount importance. It is the ruler of the mind, intelligence, heart, mother, vital energy, beauty and saturation of blood. It is Phlegmatic windy, soft in speech and presides over North-West quarters. It rules over white colour, watery places and substances, Textiles, fine, chemical and pharmaceuticals, milk, sugar, pearl, silver, and young women.

The organs of the body ruled by Moon are arteries, nerves, brain, stomach. In females, it rules uterus, bladder, breasts and ovaries. In the natural zodiac, it owns Cancer sign and the 4th house. When it is a weak, debilitated and conjoined/aspected by malefic, it shall destroy the significations of fourth house i.e. education (especially acquisition of a degree) mother, conveyance, residential house, landed property, intelligence and agricultural gains. Moon in Taurus or Cancer always gives good effects.

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