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Combination Or Yogas Part 2

Dr. Shanker Adawal                                                                  

Raja Yogas

Part 2

 (1) In Hindu astrology the angles have been described as the abode of Lord Vishnu or Preserver and Protector. Trines have been described as the abode of Goddess Laxmi (Goddess of Wealth). Their combination cause the most powerful Raja Yogas.

Therefore, we have:

(i) Trine + Angle = Raja Yoga.

Less powerful Raja Yogas are formed by the combination of two trinal lords and two angle lords.

Thus we have,

(ii) Trine + Trine = Raja Yoga.

(iii) Angle + Angle = Raja Yoga.

Illustration 3. Napoleon Bonaparte borne on August 15, 1769 at 11:30 A.M. (LMT) at 41degreeN55, 8E40degree.
M. C.

B.O.D. Sun 0Y-8M-24D

Janma Nakshatra: U. Shadda

In this horoscope notice the following Raja Yogas:

(i) Lords of Angles 4th (Saturn) and 10th (Moon) exchange houses.

(ii) Lords of a Trine 5th (Saturn) and an angle 9th (Moon) are in mutual aspects.

(iii) Lord of Trine (9th lord Mercury) and Lord of angle (10th lord Moon) are in mutual aspects.

(iv) Lord of trine (9th lord Mercury) is in conjunction with Yogakaraka (4th and 5th lord) Saturn in the 10th house.

(2) Sage Parasara describes another powerful type of Raja Yogas as follows:

(i) Combination of Atmakaraka and Putrakaraka i.e.: Atmakaraka + Putrakaraka.

(ii) Combination of ascendant lord and the 5th lord i.e.: 1st lord + 5th lord.

These are to be considered from two ascendants:

(a) Ascendant i.e. the rising sign.

(b) Karakamsa ascendant.

Note: Karakamsa is to be considered in the Rasi-Chart.

In Napoleon’s horoscope, Karakamsa ascendant is Aries. From Karakamsa ascendant lord is Mars and fifth Lord from that is Sun. They are both in combination in Leo. This is a powerful Raja Yoga.

(3) Combination of Atmakaraka with:

(a) Ascendant Lord (b) Putrakara (c) Karakamsa ascendant lord, a Raja Yoga is formed.
In Napoleon’s horoscope Atma karaka Mercury and Putrakaraka Moon are in Mutual aspect, forming a Raja Yoga.

(4) A very interesting Raja Yoga is described by Sage Parasara, as such: If lords of evil houses (6, 8 and 12) are debilitated and aspect ascendant, a Raja Yoga is formed.

(5) A strong and well placed Moon when aspected by 4 or more planets a Raja Yoga is formed.

(6) If Amatya Karaka is in combination with the following a Raja Yoga is formed: (i) Atmakaraka (ii) Ascendant lord (iii) Putrakaraka (iv) Karakamsa lord.

Note: These Raja Yogas are common in the horoscope of bureaucrat and civil servants.

(5) Nodes when in combination with a trinal or an angular lord from a very powerful Raja Yoga. For this the node (Rahu or Ketu) should be in an angle, trine, 2nd, 11th or the third house.

Note: When such a node in a Raja Yoga is in the house of valour i.e. the third house, the native may become a dictator.

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