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Combination for Debts And Poverty Part 2

Dr. Shanker Adawal                                                                  

Part 2

Finally, I would like to give certain remedial measures in order to limit dire poverties, miseries & other sufferings. If one adopts these techniques with sincerity and devotion, he should get good results soon.


(a) Daily chatng of “Rina Vimochana-Angaraka Mantra”. Native or Sufferer should draw a line from a Charcoal and invite all Daridratva (Rina Badhas) in it. Then he should chant the above mantra and wipe out the line so drawn earlier with his left foot. This may be done daily or on Tuesdays.

(b) `Sri Narasimha Rina Vimachana Stotra’ to be chanted daily for 2-3 months.

(c) `Sri Sookta’ to be chanted daily and Sri Sookta homa may be performed with 108 sandal paste balls/Bilvapatras.

(d) For those who cannot afford to do any of the above, they should take up `Magha Snana’ cold water bath for one month before Sun rise during Magha Masa, preferably in `Jeevanadi’ or River/Tank etc., & donate something to Brahmins or atleast to visit Vishnu or Shiva temple and observe fast on Shivaratri.

(e) Similarly one month cold water bath taken during `Kartika-Masa’ and offering `Deepa Dana’ to Brahmins and lighting 108 lamps (Kartika Deepa) around temple of Vishnu or Shiva, bestows wealth. Many other techniques are existing in various parts of India. One may get it prescribed through a competent astrologer/vedic priest.

(f) One should perform “Pradosha Kala Shiva Pooja” to get rid of all sorts of afflictions. The poverty, miseries, calamities, adversities, grief, debts and diseases are all found to trouble persons who have forgotten or neglected Shiva Pooja on Pradhosha i.e. Trayodasi falling in evening of both dark half and bright half. When the above coincides with Saturday it is known as `Shant Pradosha”. The similar conjunction on Monday known as “Soma Pradosha” both arer very much pleased to 3 eyed divinely Lord Shiva. On this day all other God/Godesses said to assemble at Kalidasa and worship the Three Eyed Lord. This bestows all kind of wealth to the worshipper.

(g) One should chant Narayana Hridaya and then Laxmi Hridaya and again Narayana Hridaya with utmost devotion on all Fridays with Laxminarayana Pooja, Vedic priest may be consulted/arranged for further details on this matter.

Taking Saligrama teertha after its worship with “Saligrama Stotra” vidhi, bestows native all comforts.

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