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The Importance of the Tenth House Part 1

Dr. Shanker Adawal

Part 1

In a horoscope the four corner houses, the 1st, the 4th, the 7th and the 10th houses, respectively, indicate Dharma, Artha, Karma and Moksha. But the 10th house not only indicates Moksha that is spiritual emancipation but it also indicates social and economic emancipation One’s success in his profession is generally inferred from the 10th house even though it cannot be said that profession can be interpreted exclusively from the 10th house. For instance profession and success there from may have to be interpreted from the 2nd house, the 4th house, the 9th house, the 10th house and the 11th house. In some cases even the 6th and the 8th houses may have to be taken into consideration. Even though it is said in astrology that these contradictions make one confusing as to which should be the proper house to be taken as the basis for interpreting one’s profession it is my experience as an astrologer of standing that people come to me for knowing:

(a) about their social and financial future;

(b) employment and problems connected there with;

(c) personal life, marriage, family and children;

(d) longevity, health and happiness and

(e) enemy acts, machinations of debts and diseases.

There are of course so many other problems of prominence and importance in day to day life which are all in one way or other connected with employment business or avocation. The 10th house is therefore given the deserving importance of pride which it deserves in the horoscope.

Surya and Mars (Kuja) get maximum Dig Bala while occupying the 10th house. A Kerala book on astrology says that an astrologer should not look into horoscope where the 10th house is not occupied by Mars.

In this serious of articles an attempt is made to explain the importance of the 10th house in relation to profession, avocation or business. The notes hereunder are based on the various dicta contained in the ancient, standard books including Phala Deepika, Jataka Parijata, Saravali, Sanketa Nidhi nd Devakeralam.

The 10th house is also known as Jeevana Sthana or the house indicating one’s source of livelihood. As told by lord Krishna in Bhagavat Geeta, everyone has to be certain karma and he has to do it without expecting any result. But an astrologer cannot do free service in the present day world. An astrologer will love to do free service at all; but is it possible? If it is free service he may not do it with dedication, devotion and determination.

In this world where man’s existence depends only upon his earnings it cannot be said that one has to work without expecting any gain or profit there from. However, it is imperative that he must discharge his duties at least to the best of his ability.

The 10th house interalia indicates one’s status, power, rank, dignity, ability industriousness, capacity and capability. A wood cuter has to get his 10th house examined to see whether he will continue in his profession profitably. A driver has to examine his 10th house to see where his profession will bring him name, fame, money and job satisfaction. The driver’s boss too has to examine his own 10th house to know all about his profession, business and success.

This would mean that the 10th house is common to all but the outcome of the 10th house will depend upon one’s poorva punya or karma.

Some texts indicate that all about one’s father can also be inferred from the 10th house. The possibility of earning money and wealth from foreign country is normally inferred from the 10th house even though the possibility of going to foreign country and settling there may have to be inferred from the 7th, the 12th, the 2nd houses Saturn and the Moon. There are quite some other items which can be inferred from the 10th house but in this article we confine ourselves to the professional or a vocational aspect of it. We have seen people occupying certain junior positions in their employment getting a jump in preference to their seniors even though the former may not be as efficient as their seniors. This is what is called one’s luck. How to find out all these from the 10th house.

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