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Find Your Luck in Poultry Farm Business!

Poultry means that he wants to grow moving and living bird – not like agriculture but akin to pet animals, birds etc. Mars and Venus show the union of animals, birds, human beings etc.: an attempt for production. Jupiter indicates the progeny. Hence Mars, Venus and Jupiter are the planets to be considered. Again the 6th house which indicates pet animals and birds is to be judged.
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6th house is occupied by Mercury. It governs the starts Ashlesha, Jyesta and Revathi. Jupiter is in Ashlesha, none in Jyestha and Saturn is in Revathi. Hence Jupiter and Saturn indicate 6th house matters.

10th house is occupied by Mars. Mrigasira, Chithra and Dhanishta are governed by Mars. No planet is in the constellation of Mars.

6th house is owned by Mercury. Jupiter and Saturn are in the constellation of Mercury. 10th house is owned by Venus. Moon and Venus are in the constellation of Venus. Hence, Jupiter, Saturn, Mercury, Moon, Venus and Mars are the significators. That is, they are connected with 6th and 10th house matters. As Poultry is judged from the house 6 and 10 and the planets Mars Venus and Jupiter, one is to find out their conjoined periods and judge when one will start and how it will flourish or perish. (According to westerners:- If the rulers of 1 and 6 are in conjunction or if they form good aspect among themselves or if they receive good aspects. One will thrive by dealing in pet animals etc. Or the ruler of 6 and Fortuna should form good aspect. If a malefic is in 6 or if a malefic afflicts lord of 6 or if lord of 1 and lord of 6 form applying adverse aspect, or lord of 6 form applying adverse aspect, or lord of 6 and fortune forming or receiving unfavourable aspect or lord of 6 retrograde or combust, it is evil. Saturn in 6 threaten that they will die due to epidemics. Mars portend accidents or loss by theft, etc. Here Mercury, lord of 6 is in its own sign, strong lord of 1, a slow moving planet and Moon forms applying sextile aspect. Hence it is favourable.)

Whenever the indicators – significators are many, do not be threatened or confused. Unless a planet is connected with a particular Bhava-house, the matters signified by that house, will not continue in the period of a planet, which is in no way connected with a Bhava. To commerce a matter, we judge the strong conjoined period of the significators. Then in the following periods nad sub periods one will be connected with that matter. But if a planet is in no way connected with it, during its period, we will have no connection with that matter or a change comes or we sever connection with it. Further, if all planets happen to be the significators, one will be attached to it throughout. But to select a few of them and to apply to Dasa Bhukti system, I have told that the Divine Grace helps you and guides you by allowing you to judge that horoscope at a particular time. So take the ruling planets for the moment of judgment. Now it is 30-7-1967. It is a Sunday: Moon is in Aries owned by Mars: Moon is in Bharani governed by Venus. The Ascendant is Capricorn owned by Saturn. Now select the common ruling planets. They are Venus Saturn and Mars. Hence select their conjoined periods. It can be Venus Dasa Saturn Bhukti Saturn Antara Mars Shookshma. At the time of judgment Venus Dasa balance 8 years 3 months. So Jupiter Bhukti is on. In one year one month i.e., August 1968 you enter Venus, Saturn. In that Mars sub in Saturn Shookshma will be in October 1968. Hence predict that he will start this poultry from in October – November 1968.

A planet, though by nature is considered to be a malefic, will prove to be auspicious, if he happens to be the lord of lagna. A butcher may be bad to animals but he is good to his children. A murderer may be evil to others but he protects his children. Similarly, Saturn may be judged as Yama, as a destroyer to many lagna borns or the query lagna, yet he is a strong benefic to Capricorn.

Therefore, Saturn will not cause any epidemic and bring any loss. Whereas it is in the constellation of the occupant and owner of the 6th house (which is the house of Vyaya to those with whom the transaction is done). While purchasing the poultry, you get at cheap price. When you well you make profit. Hence Saturn is a benefic. Everyone born, must one day or other die. It is inevitable. But loss of people birds and animals due to epidemic is undesirable. Such a bad occurrence is not threatened. You will prosper.

Dr. Shanker Adawal
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