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Partnerships for a Businessman Part 10

Dr. Shanker Adawal

Part 10

We have examined the 10th house both from the Lagna and the Chandra-lagna in the birth chart and the final impression that we carry is that the 10th house in the birth chart is on the whole normal, i.e., neither weak nor strong.

In the Navamsa chart the 10th house from the Lagna does not contain any planet. It is fully aspected by the Surya and the Shani. The Mangal, its lord is, fully aspected by the Guru and the Shukra. The Guru is strong as it occupies its own house. The Shukra is exalted in the 2nd house from the Lagna. The Shukra in the 2nd house is deemed auspicious as the Shukra owns the Vrisham, the 2nd sign. The Shukra is a Yoga Karka as it owns a Kendra and a Trine. The full aspect of the Guru and the Shukra considerably strengthens the Mangal and the 10th house from the Lagna which the Mangal rules. The Shani’s full aspect of the 10th house also strengthens the 10th house as the Shani owns the 10th sign, i.e., Makra. The 10th house further gains in strength by the full aspect of the Surya as the Surya is one of the natural insignificators of the occupation. The Mangal, the ruler of the 10th house is very strong by the Navamsa and the Nakshatra it occupies.

The 10th house from the Chandra-lagna in the Navamsa chart does not contain any Planet, Benefic or Malefic. The Shani, its lord, rules the 11th house also and occupies the 2nd house. The Shani is conjoined by the Surya, the lord of the 5th house. The Buddha, from the 4th house, fully aspects the 10th house and the Buddha rules the 3rd and the 6th houses. The 10th house, being an Uppachaya house itself, is associated with all the other Uppachaya houses, i.e., the 3rd, 6th and the 11th houses. The Buddha accommodates in one of its houses the Mangal, the lord of the Chandra-lagna. Thus the Buddha connects and associate with the 10th house the Mangal which is very strong by the Navamsa and the Nakshatra it occupies. The 10th house from the Chandra-lagna in the Navamsa chart is normal. We may conclude that the 10th house in the Navamsa chart is normal.

To reach a conclusion we shall note down our findings as under:-

1. Lagna – strong

2. Chandra-lagna – normal

3. Surya – normal

4. Buddha – normal

5. Guru – normal

6. Shani – normal

7. Planetary combinations in the birth chart : Three

8. Planetary combinations in Navamsa chart : Two

9. 10th house – normal.

The person represented by the horoscope under examination is designed for an independent occupation and a business career and he will be successful in his occupation and life.

Partnership Broken

Horoscope is as follows:

Note: In analysis of horoscope position of planets in bhavas is considered.
Ketu Dasa balance 3 years, 2 months, 1 day. Note the houses 6 and 12 : as well as 2 and 8. Malefics in 2 spoil the pleasure and unity of partners who live like family members: 8th house generally denotes difficulty and demise of the native as well as Maraka to partner.
6 means the partner leaves : 12 means the  native leaves. 2nd bhava is occupied by Sun and Ketu. Rahu is in Sun’s star. Jupiter and Moon are in Ketu star. Ketu is evil as it is in 2 representing Mars, lord of 8. 6th house owned by Saturn. Ketu alone is in Saturn constellation. 8th bhava is occupied by Rahu and Mars is in Rahu star. Ketu is stronger than Mars 12th is owned by Sun : Rahu is in Sun’s star. Hence Ketu, Rahu and Moon are very evil. The break came in Moon Dasa, Ketu Bhukti in 1965. Ketu in 2 in the constellation of lord of 6 : Moon in the constellation of Ketu in Moon Dasa, Ketu Bhukti gave the result.
Born on 7-11-1933, at 1 G. 22 V. at Jamnagar. Horoscope is as follows:


Rahu Dasa balance 8 years, 5 months, 4 days.
So, now you are running Saturn Dasa, Venus Bhukti from 2-2-1965 and it will run till 2-4-1968. Question is whether there will be partition in the partnership. If so, when?

7th house shows the partner. Separation is indicated by 6 and 12 Evil planets in 2 or 8 also cause separation – partition.

6th Bhava is vacant: it is owned by Jupiter which governs Punarvasu, Visakha, Poorvapadrapada. Sun is in Visakha. No planet is posited in any other star. 12th bhava is occupied by Sun. Its star are Karthikai, Uthrapalguni and Uthrashada, no planet is posited in Sun’s star. So take Sun. Sun’s sign is occupied by Ketu. Venus and Ketu are in the constellation of Ketu, Jupiter, lord of 6th aspects the Saturn who is in the constellation of Moon lord of 10 in the 8th bhava and the 10th bhava is vacant. Venus is in the second bhava. He is lord of 1 and 8 : both good and bad. Saturn is connected with profession, Sun, Venus and Ketu are for separation. Saturn is posited in its own sub and it is not retrograde. So separation must come. It will be when Saturn Dasa, Sun Bhukti, Ketu Antara, Venus Shookshma operates, i.e. from 1-1-1969.

Today it is Friday. Ketu is in Venus sign today. The star is Uthrashada governed by Sun. Hence conjoined period of Ketu and Sun must be taken. Ketu Bhukti has already passed. So take Sun Bhukti, Ketu Antara.

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