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Whether Astama Sani i.e. Saturn in the 8th is at all harmful

Dr. Shanker Adawal

Astama Sani, i.e. in the 8th if conjoins with Mars or gets aspects from Mars causes all sorts of violent deaths. Conjunction of Saturn and Mars in violent signs (Aries, Taurus, Scorpio and Aquarius) is a very dangerous affliction which generally causes violent Accidental deaths. I will now explain this phenomenon by example horoscopes:

(a) Death by assassination.

Birth-chart: Taurus-Mars and Rahu; Scorpio-Ketu; Sagittarius-Saturn; Capricorn-Sun and Mercury; Aquarius-Venus and the Moon; Aries-Jupiter (Born on 15.1.1929 at 1 p.m.)

This is the horoscope of the American Negro leader of non-violence Dr. Martin Luther King who won Nobel peace prize in 1964. He was assassinated on 4.4.1968. Saturn is placed in the 8th aspected by Mars. Conjunction of Mars and Rahu is placed in a violent sign Taurus and in the lagna. These two afflictions caused his violent death. This astama Sani i.e. Saturn in the 8th proved to be very evil.
(b) Death by Plane Crash.
Birth-chart: Aries-ascendant Mars; Gemini-Ketu; Leo-Jupiter; Virgo-Moon, Scorpio-Saturn; Capricorn-Sun, Mercury and Rahu; Aquarius-Venus (Born on 23.1.1897 at 12 p.m.)

This is the horoscope of Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose who died in a plane crash on 18.8.1945. Saturn is placed in the 8th in a violent sign Scorpio aspected by Mars by its 8th aspect. This single affliction caused his violent death.
(c) Death by bomb Explosion.
Birth-chart: Sagittarius-ascendant; Capricorn-Rahu; Aries-Jupiter; Cancer-Ketu and Saturn; Leo-Moon; Virgo-Sun and Mercury; Libra-Mars (Born on 25.9.1916 at 21.30 p.m.)

This is the horoscope of an Sangh leader Pandit Din Dayal Upadhyay, who died of bomb explosion. Saturn is posited in the 8th along with Ketu. Astama Sani proved to be very dangerous in his life.
(d) Death by execution.
Birth-chart: Aquarius-ascendant, Jupiter; Aries-Moon, Taurus-Rahu; Virgo-Saturn and Mars; Scorpio-Sun, Venus Ketu and Mercury (Born on 15.11.1891 at 12.15 noon).

 This is the horoscope of German Field Marshal Erwin Rommell. He tried to assassinate Hitler in a coup d’etat but failed. He was then executed by Military Court Marshal. Saturn is placed in the 8th along with Mars aspected by Rahu. Thus astama Sani proved to be very evil in his life.

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