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What is your Karmic Destiny Part -2

Dr. Shanker Adawal

What is your Karmic Destiny Part -2

Since Ketu has been assigned the responsibility of inlet of Karmas from the past life and Rahu is responsible for the redemption of past Karmas in this life, their location through for the redemption of past Karmas in this life, their location through the signs and houses in a birth chart will help us to understand more of Karmic Destiny in this life time. By knowing where the Nodes are in the natal chart, one can estimate a general Karmic attitude or function in one’s life. Remember, this does not say what the whole life is going to be, but a general attitude that will guide the soul in this life.

In the example horoscope, Rahu is in the 10th house i.e., 2nd, 6th and 10th are the house where the native needs the growth in this life time. To conclude, it is the position of Ketu (one incoming point) for the inlet of Karma, but it is the position of Rahu (three houses) for the distribution and utilization of past Karmas during our life time. In the illustration, the incoming point is the 4th house and he is to distribute and utilize the past Karmas through the 2nd, 6th and 10th house, during his life-time.

In our illustration, Rahu is in Libra in the 10th house which is the same as Ketu in Aries in the 4th house. In this case, past life Karmic energy (Ketu) is coming from the Fire (Aries) by sign position and water (4th house) element by house position. Karmic energy distribution (Rahu) is happening through Air (Libra) element by sign position and Earth (10th house) element by house position. Thus the basic Karmic energy will be from (Fire Air (by signs) and Water-Earth (by houses). Here both the conversions are converging to the common boundary of Air Earth domain. If the native can bridge the gap between the interface of Air and Earth, the rest of the flow will be quite smooth. The Air levels is – Intellectuality and Communications, and the Earth level is – Practicality and Materialism.

One Node conversion (Fire-Air) is bringing higher knowledge into something logical that can be easily communicated. The other Node conversion (Water-Earth) is trying to convert understanding of feeling and sensitivity into practical – materialistic attitude. The Karmic process of this person is to learn to use his mind and intellect by planning a practical action which can provide him material significance. Remember that these elemental analysis will not tell us a life-long story but a path that is significant in the life of that person.

The native was given to the wet-nurse to the brought up as his mother was not keeping a good health at the time of his birth. After couple of years, when the wet-nurse brought him back, his mother refused to recognize him as her own child. Her arguments were that the wet-nurse had changed her baby with somebody’s else. In his childhood, he suffered emotionally for want of love and affection from his parents. But Ketu is in Aries (Fire). This gave him tremendous amount of energy to fight his own way to establish his own individuality and it was again Karmic. Had Ketu been in some other element i.e., Air or Water or Earth instead of Fire, his Karmic Destiny would have been totally different. Rahu will redeem his Karmic Destiny through 2-6-10 houses as stated earlier, through Air and Earth elements in this incarnation. During this time so far, he had to work very hard. Even today at this age of 59 years, he works for more than 12 hours a day. This is the 6th house affairs. Financially, (2nd house) he had never been well off except for a very short period in between. Vocation (10th house), he had changed as many as six professions so far. Air element – whatever work he did or doing at present in his life, he attained some sort of recognition and he is always a doer – practical (earth element).

Rahu in Libra and Ketu in Aries: Previous incarnation of this person was spent with a lot of physical actions, temper and aggression. He had, in that life, achieved and lost many things as he could not learn to understand the significance of balance. In this life time, he will definitely learn and be able to use the concept of balance as applied to `soul growth’. Everything he undertakes in this life will have a definite sense of justice, priority and deeper significance. His diplomatic talents are well worth nothing in this life. He will achieve things without fighting for them and often other will surrender to him just by his senses and magnetism. Utilisation of mental energies is strongly noticed in this person in this life. Although he may not be after material success, he always manages to be in plentiful in that respect.

Rahu in the 10th and Ketu in the 4th : This condition often signifies stronger success in the profession or career area. However, some drawbacks are noticed in the home affairs. Here, the individual converts all the domestic energies into professional direction. Thus, satisfaction and fulfillments through the home are fairly low for him. His individuality and strong ego are worth noticing. Often difficulties during childhood brings about a distorted mother/father complex to him. He is a lot closer to his father than to the mother. However, some of the hostilities or lack of mother element is due to recent past life complications with her. Sensitivity and emotionalism is something he has to overcome and show an image of tough practicality in this life. His first half of life is not very enjoyable as compared to the second half of life.

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