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DO NOT BE AFRAID OF 12TH HOUSE - LORD OF 12TH IN 12TH IS GOOD. 12th is for foreign lands, work behind , work done secretively , it also means working in hospitals , jails and monasteries. It is the house for spirituality ( knowing your sub conscious by being with yourself ) .Also signifies loss of energy and so signifies bed pleasure . In today's time it represents some computer applications and a lot of things done through the computer world like chatting / viewing etc . On the other hand it also signifies JAIL / BEING HOSPITALIZED/ISOLATION & EXPENSES/LOSSES. One things that it creates is anxiety and turmoils in the house that it is placed - extent and finally the results has to be seen by a good intuitive astrologer. Therefor one has to evaluate the 12th lord and its PAC ( placement aspect conjunction degrees ) carefully . It is an important house today - we talk of the GLOBAL WORLD/SHRINKING SIZE/SPIRITUALITY AS A BUSINESS/COMPUTER AGE / LOSS OF ENERGY CAN BE POSITIVE- NEGATIVE/ALSO EXPENSES WITH INCOME IS NOTHING WRONG / EXPORT - IMPORT / GOING ABROAD and so on - a house which has to be evaluated . Lord OF 12TH IN 10TH surely gives ups and down in career - prestige - that is the loss of energy for the 10th but lord of 10th in 12th may not be bad - may take you abroad and sustain u there --- - generic stuff though . ‪#‎Planets in 12th and lord of 12th in houses - list your experience if ---. ---

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