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Know About Zodiac Signs: Aries (Mesh), Chapter 1, Part - 4

Dr. Shanker Adawal

The Nature in General:

Part 3

In solar system Mars have a special quality that he never faces defeat in planetary war and that quality reflects the nature of the native of this sign. Mostly native of Aries sign never fails in his attempts but if he fails in first attempt, it makes him adamant and more determined to achieve his goal. Mars is considered full of energy and therefore the native will have furnace of energy within his heart and therefore he never feel satisfied with his achievements. This quality of never feeling satisfied is a reflection of its symbol Ram. Ram can not be easily dominated by others and hits his goal with his head until his attention is diverted towards other object.

Being the chief of army, Mars is basically a warrior and a person who is full of fighting spirit, energy, have power in his arms to hold the weapons and have capacity to deal with them can be called a warrior. Being the lord of Aries, Mars add these qualities in native automatically. The  native will have a very aggressive nature towards his goal and never satisfied with one achievement. This also signifies that native of Aries sign can not remain peaceful; indeed will keep himself busy in one or another work. It is well known fact that person who is full of strength will not only be satisfied easily but also take care as well as responsibilities and burden of others, if he is appreciated. Similarly, the native of Aries sign can be satisfied easily if one appreciate his qualities sincerely and he likes to take care of those who make him happy or who praise him. He is full of compassion and always tries to cheer the people around him. He likes to see people around him happy by favoring them one or other way. He will have inborn quality of leadership and proved to be a responsible leader.

The characteristic of a person having muscle power and have inbuilt strength can not be ignored that such a person can be provoked easily and therefore treated as sort tempered. Energy and strength of Mars also reflect this nature in native. Therefore, the native born under this sign may also be sort tempered and provoked easily. He will fight with those whom he dislikes or who do not work according to his wish and displease him. Negativity annoys him very much. He can get very irritated, inconsiderate and difficult when his needs are not met or get delayed for to long. Sometime due to this nature native hurt himself badly. The executive ability of native born under this sign is so marked that occasionally he comes to grief from an overestimate of it. Due to this he becomes inflated with success, and this develops a recklessness, which leads to loss and disaster, and often to nervous prostration.

But native will have another good quality of forgiveness and not inclined to develop grudges. A person who have healthy mind and who is a warrior in real can have these qualities. The interesting thing is that the native of Aries sign is rarely malicious or spiteful, even when waging war. Aries people fight without hate for their opponents. To them it is all good-natured fun, a grand adventure, a game and a phase of life. He will be highly energetic and always full of creative ideas. One will have to keep up with his energy levels and are bound to get tired in the process, at least mentally. An Aries native will always remain young at heart, even when he gets 90 years old. Slow moves make him impatient. He is one of those who always move ahead of others, boldly and confidently.

In Brihat Jataka, Varaha Mihira has said that a person born with the Moon in Aries will be fond of vegetable food and will eat hot meals, will be of a quickly nature, fond of travels and sexual union. Often he will be the eldest one in brothers and sister but if he has an elder brother he will be an enterprising leader.


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