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Know About Zodiac Signs: Aries (Mesh), Chapter 1, Part - 16

Dr. Shanker Adawal


The natives born under Aries sign, the fiery and impulsive Ram makes an interesting partner for Taurus, the generally calm and centered bull. The Ram is always ready for action, while the Bull may prefer just sitting quietly. Although the both may not seem to have much in common, bull can find shared interests and goals that can bring both together. When the mighty Ram meets gentle Bull, they seem to have much in common, great determination, point-blank honesty and an appetite for life. However, clear differences will soon emerge. The Ram’s determination initiates and gets things done, but the Bull will take their own time to do things, stubbornly resisting any effort to push the pace. Aries periodically becomes gripped with an idea and wants to take an immediate action to act on it. Taurus prefers to fully perceive the whole idea and respond to situation with a more practical and cautious attitude. If Aries ever stumbles or fails, then Taurus will not miss an opportunity to remind them of their shortcomings. This can be infuriating to Aries and very detrimental to the relationship. Appreciation of each other’s different approaches will help the relation grow harmoniously. Both should be able to adapt each other’s style or habits. In the process, Taurus can help supply the reliability and consistent dedication needed to help bring Aries’s ideas and impulses to a fruitful completion. This is a tricky match that will take learning and adjustment by both. While this isn’t going to be the easiest of combinations, it can be very rewarding for both. An Earth Sign blending with a Fire Sign; they should be aware that they are perfectly capable of destroying each other.

Aries will make major mistake with a Taurus sign friend, relative, business associate, lover to press for quick decision. This never works as a Taurus native will take time to decide the action. Taurus is earthy in nature and therefore can tolerate pressures of every type. Even the energy of Aries native is capable to do so. Fire and Earth is difficult combination, however, which might work well together with their joint determination, both being courageous and practical. But, if the mix doesn’t gel, then they will walk away from each other. One should remember to put in a lot of efforts to make this relationship work. It will be a difficult match.

Romantic involvement of Aries woman with a male of Taurus sign may be an educational experience. She will come to know that he is not a simple thing which can be kicked a side, leap over or melt with the irresistible forces of a female. In case of Aries male and Taurus female finance may not be major issue but while she will like to save money for future, he will eager to spend it on silly things. He will enter in new ventures without any consideration of budgetary as he will be careless in this area, a Taurus woman can provide him a perfect base of operation.

Generally due to fiery nature Aries native likes sports and adventures in life while a Taurus native loves nature and steadiness in life due to earthy nature of the sign. Aries can not stay at a place for long time and without an excitement, natives of Taurus will prefer to stay at a place for long time. Due to this variation in their nature, there may be troubles in their relationships. Most of their disagreements will be sort out by reconciliations at bedtime since the physical relationship between a Aries man and Taurus woman will be snugly satisfying. While an Aries man will be satisfied with the capacity for sensual and erotic feelings of a Taurus woman; but he may be somewhat frustrated by her lack of mystical creativity for making love. As an average Taurus woman take sex as a practical and enjoyable activity which brings a total gratification and never consider it a wild dream. But it does not mean that one should consider a Taurus woman as unromantic or unsentimental in love making. Her feelings will be romantic but as usual it also take time to reach the height. Basically a woman of Taurus sign need lots of affection, plenty of ambition, honesty and the guarantee of financial security. A native of Aries sign has to make adjustments for full filling all of these needs of Taurus woman and especially of last one as his incomes do tend to often fluctuate. A Taurus woman will always support her husband in his every venture and walk proudly beside him.

Normally a Taurus male will be economical in nature and there may be quarrel about money due to Aries females’ extravagance; but by some efforts of adjustments, matter can be sort out smoothly and peacefully. Taurus man will not be unduly jealous but will be very possessive and this is a fortunate thing that her demand of freedom will not be unnecessary issue between them. He will forget is mistake and patiently put up with her misguided missiles of enthusiasm unless he is pressed too hard. A Taurus native will love a woman of Aries sign by bottom of his heart and if handled gently with a decent amount of consideration for his own feelings, he will stick by the Aries woman like a steady rock of solid love. Taurus men will be deeply affectionate, quietly romantic and deeply sentimental although will also be practical about love like any other thing.

In the average marital relationship between a Taurus man and Aries woman, man will provide the stability and security while woman will provide the ideas and the energy both in their financial as well as the sexual aspects. For a Taurus man sex will be a natural and normal function for satisfaction of sensual and erotic flesh needs as well as children, the purpose of achieving two very tangible and sensible results. But for an Aries woman sex will be a type of mental, physical and spiritual release in a powerful urge of self expression. She will try to come true with her thrilling fantasies and wild dreams in some miraculous way. It will be very difficult for a Taurus man to leave a woman whom he love from bottom of his heart and he will also not allow her to leave him but once he has decided to end the relation there will be no one to change his mind.

Aries will have the power to infuriate Taurus with impulsive and selfish actions, but when Taurus dig his or her heels in and refuse to budge, he or she will have the power to squash Aries’s childlike enthusiasm. Aries is ruled by fiery Mars, while Taurus is ruled by peace-loving Venus, making it difficult for Taurus to communicate. Taurus will need to be more tolerant than they are used to be, because Taurus’s natural possessiveness and thrifty budgeting will aggravate the fiery Ram, who loves nothing more than to splash out on a reckless spending spree. However, both will have a strong creative drive and will enjoy working together as a team for the same goals. Once they will learn to respect each other’s differences, this should be a very rewarding relationship. The combination certainly requires discipline and motivation. It often requires the support of compatible Moon and Ascendant signs. An Aries partner will always be inclined to be impulsive, which could drive Taurus batty in the long run. They just never seem to learn. Affectionate affair can turn into a difficult marriage. They should seek out creative projects to work on including raising a family and they can channel their combined energy into creating something positive.


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