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Know About Zodiac Signs: Aries (Mesh), Chapter 1, Part - 1

Dr. Shanker Adawal

Aries (Mesh)


Ruling Planet
The Ram
Moveable and Masculine
Action, Challenges, Coming in first, Championing Causes, Spontaneity
Waiting, Advice of others, Admitting Failure, No opposition, Tyrnany
Benefic Planets
Sun and Jupiter
Neutral Planets
Malefic Planets
Mercury, Venus and Saturn
Marka Planets
Positive Trait
Independent and original, Generous, Optimistic, Enthusiastic, Courageous, Dynamic and creative, Pioneering, Adventurer. Enterprising, Assertive, Frank, Self confident, Risk taker
Negative Trait
Moody, Short tempered, Self-involved, Impulsiveness, Impatient, Rash, Impulsive, Intolerant, Liable to extreme jealousy

When reading the personality description of these traits above, please keep in mind that the ones discussed here are mainly indicative of the influence of their element, and the influence of their ruling planet. The positions of the other celestial bodies at the very moment of their birth could change, or temper them to a vast extent.

Aries is the first sign of the Zodiac which is a masculine, movable and fiery in nature. Aries is dominated by its ruling planet Mars. It begins at the Spring Equinox, the point when the Earth enters into a period of longer days and shorter nights. Aries is a powerful symbol of new beginnings, energy, light, and creativity. People born under the sign of Aries may well turn out to be great leaders, if they can keep their aggression and tendency to dominate others in check. Aries must always be undertaking new projects, especially creative endeavors, to keep their high energy occupied. They are extroverts and tend toward impulsivity. Their challenge is to properly channel their energy. Aries personalities are independent. Being the first of the zodiac signs, they venture out and are go-getters, often leading the way. Their upbeat and magnetic personality often entices others to follow their lead because Aries personalities bring excitement into others live.


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