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Encyclopedia of Vedic Astrology: Remedies: Remedies According to Lal Kitab, Chapter X, Part – 31

Dr. Shanker Adawal

Venus in 5th House

5th house is the Puckka ghar of the Sun, where Venus will get burnt with the heat of the Sun. Consequently the native is a flirt and amorous by nature. He will face big misfortunes in life. However, if the native maintains a good character, he will steer through the hardships of life and obtain great riches and promotions in service after five years of his marriage. Such a native is generally learned and destroyer of enemies


1. One should not marry against the wishes of his parents.

2. Serve cows and mother like women.

3. Avoid relationship will other women.

4. Native’s wife should wash her private parts with curd or milk.

Venus in 6th House

This house belongs to Mercury and Ketu, who are inimical to each other, but Venus is friendly to both. Venus stands, debilitated in this house. However, if the native keeps the opposite sex happy and provides her with all the comforts, his money and wealth will continue to grow. The wife of the native should not get dressed like a male and should not get her hair cut like a male, otherwise poverty will crop up. Such an native must marry a person who has got a brother or brothers. Further, the native should not leave any work in the midway, i.e., before completion.


1. Ensure that your wife puts gold clips in her hair.

2. Your spouse must not remain barefooted.

3. The private parts should be washed with red medicine.

Venus in 7th House

This house belongs to Venus, so Venus gives very good results, if it is placed in this house. The planet of 1st house offers the effects of 7th house in such a manner as if it is placed in 7th house itself. If a planet inimical to Venus is placed in 1st house e.g. Rahu, the wife and the household affairs of the native will be adversely affected. The native spends his money largely on women. The native should take up the trade or business which is associated with marriage ceremony, like tent house and beauty parlour, Association with one eyed and black woman will prove useful.


1. Domestication of white cows prohibited.

2. Serving red cows.

3. Donate Jawar equal to the weight of your spouse to a temple.

4. Throwing blue flowers in a dirty canal for 43 days.

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