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Encyclopedia of Vedic Astrology: Remedies: The Rudraksh, Chapter XII, Part – 3

Dr. Shanker Adawal

Rudrakshas and Planets

Different Nayasas: Before starting the puja of Rudrakshas the performing different nayasas like Rishi Adi Nayas, Kar Nayas, Ang Nayas, Hiradeye Nayas are to be performed one by one with fingers of the right hand to different parts of the body.

Rishi Adi Nayas: Karnyas means Sathapan. In this fingers of the hand palms and back of the hand are to be treated and cleaned through mantras with water. Likewise in Angnayas or mantras which makes the body pure, one gets peace and sadhana becomes fruitful and beneficial. The mantra is read as:

Yaamdev rishiye namah, Shirasi Panktishchhandase namo mukhe, rim aim, aim namah hradi, ham beejaye namo guhye, aaum shaktaye namah padayoh

Hirdeye Nayas: in this method all the five fingers of right hand are used in Hirdeye Nayas with the following mantra:

Om Harum Hridayay Namah

Om Aim Hreem Shirase Swaha

Om Ham Hoom Shikhaye Vashat

Om Aum Hreim Kawachaye Hoom

Om Aim Hreem Netra Trayaya Vaushat

Om Om Hah Astraye Phat

The above mantras are to be recited 108 times at the time of wearing one-faced Rudraksha on Monday before the idol of Lord Shiva after performing the above rituals. In the end perform Puja of the Rudraksh and wear it around the neck or on the arm with a black thread. Panch Amrit should be taken by the Sadhaka.

The wearer should generally recite the mantra 54 or 108 times daily in the morning or any time during the day. The mantra is

“Om Hareeng Namaha”

The controlling planet is the Sun and it can be used against the evils of Sun such as disfavor from the government, headaches, eye troubles, bile and liver complaints. Gives rise to status and power.


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