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Encyclopedia of Vedic Astrology: Remedies: Remedies According to Lal Kitab, Chapter X, Part – 14

Dr. Shanker Adawal

Moon in 8th House

This house belongs to Mars and Saturn. The Moon here affects the education of the native adversely, but if education goes well the native’s mother’s life will be shortened and very often such a native loses both, education and the mother. However, the evil effects of the Moon in the 8th house will be mitigated if Jupiter and Saturn be placed in the 2nd house.

The 8th Moon often deprives the native of his parental properties. If there is a well or pond adjacent to the parental property of the native, he will receive adverse results of the Moon all through his life.


1. Avoid gambling and flirting.

2. Perform Shraddha ceremony for to your ancestors.

3. Do not build any house after covering a well with roof.

4. Obtain blessings of the old men and children by touching their feet.

5. Bring water from the well or water tap situated within the boundaries of a cremation ground and place it within your house. It will ward off all the evils generated by the Moon in the 8th house.

6. Offer gram and pulse in places of worship.

Moon in 9th House

The 9th house belongs to Jupiter, who is a great friend of the Moon. Hence the native will imibibe the traits and features of both these planets – good conduct, soft heartedness, religious bent of mind and love for virtuous acts and pilgrimage. He will live upto 75 years. A friendly planet in the 5th house will augment comforts and pleasures from the son and develops intense interest in religious deeds. A friendly planet in the 3rd house ensures great increase in money and wealth.


1. Install the things associated with the Moon within the house, e.g., place a square piece of silver in the almirah.

2. Serve the labourers with milk.

3. Offer milk to snakes and rice to fish.

Moon in 10th House

The 10th house is in every manner ruled by Saturn. This house is aspected by the 4th house, which is similarly ruled by Moon. Hence the Moon in the 10th house ensures a long life of about 90 years for the native. Moon and Saturn are inimical, therefore, medicines in liquid form will always prove harmful to him. The milk will act as poison if taken during night. If he is a medical practitioner, dry medicines administered by him to the patient will have a magical effect for cure. If a surgeon, he will earn great wealth and fame for surgery. If the 2nd and 4th houses are empty money and wealth will rain on him.
If Saturn is placed in the 1st house, the native’s life will be destroyed by the opposite sex, especially a widow.

The things and business represented by Saturn will prove beneficial for the native.

1. Visits to religious places of worship will enhance the fortune of the native.

2. Store the natural water of rain or the river in a container and keep it within your house for 15 years. It will wash off the poisons and evil effects generated by the Moon in the 10th house.

3. Avoid taking milk during night.

4. Milk animals can neither live long in your house nor will they prove beneficial or auspicious.

5. Abstain from wine, meat and adultery.

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