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Encyclopedia of Vedic Astrology: Remedies: Colour Therapy, Chapter XI, Part – 11

Dr. Shanker Adawal

How To Use Colours

Although the earth would look far brighter if we were to dress in our true colours in ordinary life, as do the flowers of the earth, yet, as I cannot expect to effect this drastic change all at once in our conventional appearance, I must content myself with hoping that my readers may commence to make the changes I suggest in some slight form, or at least in those working rooms or studios where they evolve their plans, write their letters, or see their friends. If they do even this I honestly believe they will see quickly the advantage they will gain in their material success and also in their own personal happiness.

Colours of the Number 1

Persons born under the sign of the Number 1, such as on the 1st, 10th, 19th, or 28th of any month, have for their main number, the 1-4; and they can blend or use their colours with those given to the number 2-7 and vice versa. The 104 and 2-7 are the only double numbers that have to be considered in this way. The number 1-4 and its colours are more important to all those born in the “House of the 1-4, namely, from July 21-28 to August 20-28.

Their main colours are all shades from the palest yellow to deep orange or golden hues, and they can also use the colours of the 2-7, which are all shades from the palest green to the darkest, also creams and whites. All purples, blues, crimson, and rose colours are favorable to them, but they are not what are called the main colours, and should only be used as accessories.
The number 1 people should have as much as possible of the main colours around them, at least in their rooms or studios and in their dress, and they should also wear topaz or amber as much as possible in their jewellery.

Colours of the Number 2

The persons who have this number for their Birth Number are all those who are born on the 2nd, 11th 20th, or 19th of the any month, but this number and colour are of still more importance if they are born in what is called the “House of the 2-7,” namely from June 21 to July 20-27.

Their main colours are all shades from the palest green to the darkest creams and whites, but they also can use the colours of the 1-4 sign as described above. Rose and pink tints and pale blues are also favourable to them, but only as accessory colours, and the number 2 people should endeavour to wear and use all the lighter shades and avoid deep tones of colour as much as possible. The stones favourable for them to wear are pearls, cat’s-eyes, and moonstones.


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