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Mercury is the planet of intelligence. It tells how we apply our knowledge to the wants of our mind. Mercury is a CHARMING BOY - that is how it is depicted. A planet in hurry, mischievous & being a Prince it tries to get what it wants. Mercury is the Prince & sun ( the king ) with the Moon (Queen ) . It is the planet that promotes PR, communication, advertising and analysis. It owns two signs Gemini ( for PR/TALK etc & also loves SEX / RELATIONSHIPS hear ) & in Virgo ( it likes to be grounded with a bend to acquiring material things & forte being that for research & analysis with NUMBERS - MONEY - FIANCE ETC ) . Mercury will behave in different ways in signs/ houses and also would depend upon the degrees. Does not do well in WATERY SIGNS for sure. A planet that is important for day to day life, service and your attitude in relationships. Must end NOW. As per my research of Bhrigu Nadi it depicts division of property when in am appropriate conjunction & energized.

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