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Money is the MOST IMPORTANT asset today. All ANXIETIES are because of this ONE SOURCE. With the economy not doing well people are LOSING MONEY. I am observing during my astrological consultations that the PAIN of LOOSING is much GREATER than the JOY of ACQUIRING. The loss lead to people CURSE THEMSELVES fro NOT taking the other alternative options - they curse themselves - they do not sleep - they feel that all is going to be negative - this i say for those who have lost NOTIONALLY. Those with losses in CASH are going MAD. Stress is taking a FORM OF SHAME - PERSONAL SHAME. We are slaves to MONEY. Wish GEETA is understood and more so practiced to remain STABLE & BE WITH REASON. Treat LOSS as GIVING - HIS DESIGN but perhaps i also say it & may not be able to practice it as OUR MIND is a product of COLLECTIVE CONSCIOUSNESS can ANYONE explain as to how to deal with losses and the present economic downturn, warmly

Dr. Shanker Adawal

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