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Encyclopedia of Vedic Astrology: Remedies: Remedies According to Lal Kitab, Chapter X, Part – 7

Dr. Shanker Adawal

Sun in 7th House


(1) If Jupiter, Mars or Moon are placed in the 2nd house, the native will occupy a ministerial position in the government.

(2) If the Mercury is exalted or Mercury in the 5th or 7th house, aspected by Mars, the native will have unending sources of income.


(1). If the Sun is inauspicious in the 7th house and Jupiter, Venus or any malefic planet is placed in the 11th house and Mercury is malefic in any other house, the native will encounter the death of several members of his family together. Obstacles from the government, diseases like tuberculosis and asthma will victimize the native. Incidents of fire, embalmment from insects and other family troubles will draw the native to madness who may go to the extent of becoming a recluse or committing suicide.

(2) Malefic Sun in the 7th and Mars or Saturn in the 2nd or 12th house and Moon in the 1st house cause leprosy or leucoderma.

Remedial Measures:

(1) Lessen the amount of salt intake.

(2) Start any work after taking a little sweet with water.

(3) Offer a little piece of your chapatti to the fire of the kitchen before taking your meals.

(4) Serving and rearing up a black cow or a cow without horns, will be beneficial but make sure that the cow is not white.

Sun in 8th House


(1) Government favours will accrue from the 22nd year of life.

(2) Here the Sun makes the native truthful, saintly and King like. Nobody would be able to harm him.


(1) Mercury in the 2nd house will create economic crisis.

(2) Native will be short tempered, impatient & will have ill health.

Remedial Measures:

(1) Never keep a white cloth in the house.

(2) Never live in the house facing south.

(3) Always eat something sweet and drink water before starting any new work.

(4) Throw copper coins in a burning pyre (Chita) whenever possible.

(5) Throw Gur (jiggery) in running water.

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