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Encyclopedia of Vedic Astrology: Remedies: Gems, Chapter VIII, Part – 21

Dr. Shanker Adawal

Menstrual Troubles & Cancer v/s Gems

Part 1

In the menstrual cycle, the series of changes occurs in the uterus and ovaries associated with menstruation and intermenstrual period, the average period of the menstrual cycle is 28 days menstrual period. It is of 4 to 5 days.

The female sex organs have three basic functions viz. (1) to produce and yield mature ova (human eggs) for union with the viable sperm (2) to shelter and nourish the fertilized egg cell until it has developed into a newborn baby, and (3) to elaborate female sex hormones.

Excessive bleeding (menorrhagia), bleeding between the periods, painful menstruation (dysmenorrheal) etc should require prompt medical attention. But gems can provide some relief to the victim.

The Moon is all-in-all in a female horoscope. So a single gem White Pearl in 8/10 rattis on two fingers anamina and kanistha of left hand will provide appropriate relief to the victim. Red coral in 5 Rattis may be used in acute cases of profuse bleeding.


A malignant tumour which spreads very rapidly, cancers are divided into two main categories, carcinoma which develops from epithelial tissues and sarcoma, which develops from connective tissues.

It is true that gems cannot cure cancer completely, but they have powers to provide adequate relief. Gems have brought back many from the brink of the grave. It is said that certain gems have wonderful and miraculous healing powers. Everyone knows that cancer is incurable, still we have to fight and to give proper available treatment till death. In astrology, cancer is caused by several planets in affliction. The most prominent one is Ketu. Ketu in evil houses (6/8/12) if heavily afflicted can cause cancer. Ketu give diseases which baffle the skill of the medical profession. Ketu usually causes mysterious, unknown, and chronic diseases. Ketu is also known as `kuja vat ketuh’. Ketu gives diseases as that of Mars. Ketu is therefore double Mars. Mars and Ketu govern the growth of cells and tissues in our body, and growth of unwanted cells and tissues in our body, is the root cause of cancer. Anyhow this unwanted growth of cells is to be stopped.

Leukaemia (blood-cancer)

A disease in which white blood cells become too numerous in the blood stream, due to disease of bone marrow, probably cancerous. It has many variations.
The proper gems are:-

1. Red Coral and Gomed;
2. Red Coral plus Yellow Sapphire plus Emerald;
3. Cat’s eye plus yellow Sapphire plus Red Coral.

Any one may be worn on right hand in the case of males and on the left hand in the case of females.


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