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Encyclopedia of Vedic Astrology: Remedies: Gems, Chapter VIII, Part – 15

Dr. Shanker Adawal

Gems v/s Diseases

When a person enjoys wonderful health, but is careless to maintain it, he should remember “Nature never forgets and never forgives. Health is the main criterion of life, if health is maintained, all over offshoots of life like wealth, love, happiness etc. can be enjoyed, otherwise life becomes a Hell.

Your Horoscope can reveal the disease you are likely to suffer. A detailed and specific analysis of the same can be made even with the date of occurrence and duration.

From the horoscope, we can calculate the time and duration of the disease. Horoscope is more useful than a stethoscope.

In Birth chart, ascending sign, malefic planets posited in the sign, affliction of Sun and Moon by malefic and signs where Sun and Moon are posited by judged for predicting the disease to which the native can be subjected. In addition house of disease, the Sixth house, planets posited therein and all afflictions to sixth house its lord are to be checked. This is the fundamental points of checking the disease.

Each house and planet contributes disease and body parts for which they are held.

Any malefic planet in Sixth house gives good health, whereas, 8th house called for chronic, will indicate so if a benefice planet is posited therein.

The Horoscope

We provide a few combinations for judgement of disease from the Horoscope.
1. Affliction of Sun, Rahu, Ketu, 6th house, Mars, Moon, Saturn, 4th house and Cancer sign etc. are to be checked for heart attack whereas 12th house is analysed for hospitalization.

2. Rahu. Saturn are significators of nerves. Lagna, Lagna lord, 6th, 8th houses and its lords are to be analysed. Rahu & Saturn should influence all the above factors indicates Paralysis.

3. When Moon and Mercury is afflicted by Saturn and has touch of Rahu and Ketu. “Mania” is caused.

4. The planets-Sun. Moon and Venus give Vision, 2nd and. 12th houses indicates Right and Left eyes. When these are afflicted by planets of darkness Saturn, Rahu and Ketu, blindness is caused.

5. 3rd and 11th house indicates ears. Karakas are Mars and Jupiter. Affliction to all causes, Deafness.


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