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Encyclopedia of Vedic Astrology: Remedies: Gems, Chapter VIII, Part – 11

Dr. Shanker Adawal

Navaratna Ring

Ring of Planetary Gems

Navratna ring is an institution among the Hindus as much as bathing in the Ganges, belief in reincarnation and applying `pottu’ on the forehead. Navaratna has its devotees also in Burma and Siam (Thailand). Navaratna stories are also in Burma and Siam (Thailand). Navaratna stories are also worn as pendants by the women. They should then touch the body without any dress or other jewellery coming in between.

The correct planetary stones according to Sastra (Kashyap Smriti) and other classics are:

1. The Sun- Ruby.

2. The Moon- Pearl.

3. Mars-Coral.

4. Rahu- Gomedaka (Ciaaam)

5. Jupiter- Pushparaga (yellow sapphire or oriental topaz).

6. Saturn- Blue Sapphire.

7. Mercury- Emerald.

8. Ketu- Cat’s eye.

9. Venus- Diamond.

In Ceylon Singhalese favour Padmaraga (Golden Topaz or Golden Sapphire) in place of Coral; while Hindus sometimes substitute Padmaraga in place of Ruby.

In order to purify and also increase its efficacy, some regularly dip the ring in goat’s milk, turmeric water or saffron water overnight Full Moon night preferably, as there is a belief that their beloved Navaratna would look after the owner well to the extent the owner looks after the Navaratnas. This also includes in not indulging in drinking, debauchery, gambling and other vices when wearing the ring.

Even off the counter, Navaratna rings have beneficial effects on the wearers though not so pronounced as the authentic custom made ones.

Warning – about wearing the rings made for others. Though these rings with stones of uniform size could be worn safely after they have gone through a process of purification; those rings that have been `tailored’ for a particular owner with, one or more stones bigger than the rest should never be worn by another unless the planetary positions coincide with that of the original owner; which is very remote. The results could be malefic to those whose vibrations are different.


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