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Encyclopedia of Vedic Astrology: Remedies: Gems, Chapter VIII, Part – 32

Dr. Shanker Adawal

Eye Troubles

Part 1

Eyes are treated as a mirror of disease elsewhere in the body to the doctor. A cinder in the eye may be so disturbing that it blots out all other thoughts and feelings until and unless it is removed. The physician sometimes detect diseases like fevers, high-blood pressure, brain-tumours etc by looking into the eyes of the patient.
There are various types of eye-troubles.


It is a most common disease. It is highly communicable as well as contagious: The usual symptoms are blood-shot eyes, excessive flow of tears, drooping eye-lids, irritation, headache, itching sensation, difficulty in seeing and reading. The causes are lack of Vitamin A, water, wind and dust, allergies. It usually occurs during hot summer months.
The remedy is that anyhow the body is required to be cooled down by using cold stones like Moonstone or Blue Sapphire.
The gem Moonstone in 4/5 Rattis on the middle finger or Blue Sapphire in ¾ Rattis on little finger can drive off this disease completely.


When the crystalline lens of the eye is clouded over, gradually diminishing vision, the condition is known as Cataract. Light then fails to reach the retina in sufficient quantity to stimulate vision. It usually occurs in old age. It may be caused by the diseases like diabetes. It requires light operation.

In astrology, it is caused by the planets Mars and the Moon severely afflicted by Saturn or Ketu in Aries at birth-chart The 2nd and 12th houses from the ascendant govern the right and left eyes respectively. The Sun rules over the right eye and the Moon the left eye. The second house of the Zodiac i.e. Taurus governs our eyes and its ruler is Venus. Venus rules over the eye-glands. Mercury governs the eye-nerves. Saturn is the main afflicting planet who gives this trouble. Venus in the 12th house or, the Sun in the 2nd may give rise to this disease.
The gems are Ruby in ¾ rattis and Emerald in 5/6 Rattis plus White Pearl in 5/6 rattis, to be used jointly. The Gem Diamond in \ ratti may be used in left hand, if possible.

Nearsightedness (Myopia)

It is hereditary disease. The eyes can focus on nearby objects but vision at a distance is blurred. Medicines cannot restore normal eye-sight and as such, optical glasses are prescribed for use in the eyes. It is said that by gazing at the Emerald, one can improve his eye-sight.
The gem White Pearl has sufficient powers to improve your eye-sight. The gem Ruby has wide powers to give life to your eyes. Combined use of these gems can confer you sufficient relief.
The prescription for gems is Emerald in 6 Rattis plus Ruby in 4 ½ Rattis plus White Pearl 5 or 6 Rattis. The gem Red coral may be used in place Ruby.

Farsightedness (Hyperopia)

The farsighted people can see clearly at varying distances, but his close vision is likely to be blurred. He needs reading glasses. Medicines cannot restore normal eye-sight and as such, optical glasses are prescribed for use in the eyes. Mars and the Moon severely afflicted by Saturn or Ketu in Aries or Taurus at birth-chart causes this trouble.
The gems are Emerald plus Ruby plus White Pearl. If possible Diamond in ½ ratti may be used in left hand as Diamond is poisonous. Red coral may be used in place of Ruby.


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