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Encyclopedia of Vedic Astrology: Remedies: Gems, Chapter VIII, Part – 13

Dr. Shanker Adawal

Use of Planetary Gems of Various Diseases

Part 1

1. Ruby Red: This is red in colour. There are four varieties. The best is available in Ceylon. Very good for various kinds of blindness, deafness (Bhasma) it cures diabetes, acute eye trouble and impotency. Very good for various kinds of blindness, deafness, loss of the sense of touch and taste, provided the structure are intact and not destroyed. Very good for anaemia as a haemoglobin builder. Very good for underdeveloped children and for bone diseases. It energises the, torpid liver. The ornamental use of the ruby cures epilepsy, giddiness and fever while as a medical ingredient.

2. Moon – Pearls-Orange: Taking its origin in the body of a sea creature, it has many forms. Most of them are either spherical or elliptical. Specific for bleeding from the lungs, bleeding piles, tropical eosinophila, burning urination, closing the cavities in T.B. lungs, renal and gall bladder stones. It cures rickets and increases the flow of milk in mothers, in the ornamental uses, cures T.B., measles, carbuncle, sceptic wound and mental unrest.

3. Mars – Coral-Yellow: This is also from the body of a sea creature. It comes in three varieties. The reddish coral protects one from acute fever, wounds from weapon, skin disease, haemorrhage and intestinal disorder. Medically, it is extensively used. Very good results in all types of paralysis, all types of worms, myopathies, diabetes, mellitus, constipation, indigestion, piles and melancholic type of Insanity.

Its bhasma cures fever due to indigestion, acute hiccup, biliousness, serious types of fever, lack of stamina, urinary complaints, acute thirst and certain type of rheumatism.

4. Mercury – Emerald-Green: This is green in colour. It has been well known to Indians as emerald lingam worshipped in Siva temples. Governs brain, pituitary and earth element. It kills all types of micro organisms. Cures fevers due to typhoid, smallpox, chicken pox, measles, T.B. of lungs, brain fever (encephalitis), meningitis, etc. Used in combination with blue and indigo (Jupiter and Venus), it cures all types of fevers, jaundice, inflammation and infection. Very good for malignant growths (cancers, sarcomas, etc.). It is a good protein anabolic. Green is in the centre of the spectrum, Vibgyor. Colours to its left (VIB), are all cold, very useful in recent, acute disorders having fever, redness, swelling, local heat and loss of function, signs of infection and inflammation. Colours to its right, YOR, are all hot, very useful in all chronic diseases not having fever, redness, heat, etc.

This is said to be antidote to poison and certain types of diseases. Medically, the ash cures nervous complaints, female diseases and aids in easy delivery.

5. Jupiter – Pokhraj-Blue: This is golden yellow in colour; It shines like the star Pushya. Governs fats. Glands, Akash element and hence cavities, Specific for whooping cough, thyroid tumours, tonsillitis, ear diseases, aphonia. Very useful in obesity, filariasis, diarrhea, burns, glandular enlargements. Worth trying in prostates enlargements.

Ornamental use cures digestive disorder, certain mental diseases, nervous- complaints and shivering. Medically, it develops personality, intelligence and balances the excess of phlegm in the human body.

6. Venus – Diamonds-Indigo: Everybody knows that it is the brightest of gems and very costly. It is said that a high quality gemstone will float in water like a piece of charcoal. Governs water element, thick secretions in the body. Specific in menorrhagia, metrorrhagla, leucorrhoega, dysenteries, epilepsy, leucoderma, leprosy, chronic urticaria, epistaxis. Very useful in colds, coughs, pneumonia, renal glycosuria. Very good in skin diseases in combination with violet and infra-red (Saturn and Ketu). It shrinks both benign and malignant growths.

Ornamental use, saves one from thunder, evil spirits, insanity, eyesore, mania, diabetes, piles, T.B. of the bone, carbuncle, dropsy and female diseases and ensures longevity. A careful selection of this gem itself is a blessing in disguise. Medically it cures leprosy, rheumatic complaints, asthma and restores beauty and vitality.


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