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June, 20, 2013 - THE ENERGY IN THE SPACE TODAY - if you are dabbling in a state i am mentioning follow the advice:
The mind will want to expand - to do things fast - complete and accomplish. Fire kind of calculative energy. Do not be over ambitious and please avoid short cuts / snake like actions -in the long run they will not pay. Job and market place will be most important. Also in relationships let not the baser instincts dominate. You would want to search but in your actions be like a LION - do not RUN away in-case things not in your favor - FIGHT. In communication TRY to build things and construct - it will pay. Luck there for matters of family, finance, travel, children, love and authority/alders, so make use of the day and settle issues with a long term perspective rather than immediate gains. Warmly

If MAN keeps on playing with RESOURCES for its benefit NATURE will STRIKE BACK as it has in KEDARNATH & AROUND .T his STRIKE BACK IS BY KALI ( the wild force of nature ) & we must take this as warning . Exploitation of RESOURCES till a point for WEALTH GENERATION is good but when in excess it will REACT as KALI ( THE DESTRUCTIVE FORCE OF SHIVA ) .

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