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Jupiter entered Gemini a few days back & will stay for a year - WHAT DOES IT MEAN . Mercury is the planet for INTELLIGENCE & Jupiter is WISDOM .
Jupiter enters the HOUSE of Mercury which means that WISDOM & INTELLIGENCE will interact .
This MEANS that you have the CHOICES given through Mercury and you HAVE Jupiter to guide you .
It will be there in areas of market place , marriage , dealing with environment/competition/fortune and gains through networking .
The CHOICES you have and the application of your intelligence can be, POSITIVE OR NEGATIVE giving good/bad/ugly results, depending upon the CHART / MAP OF PLANETS.
One thing for sure is that this YEAR IE till June,14 you will get CHOICES & YOU HAVE YOUR 'POWER TO CHOOSE' TO BE RIGHT AND POSITIVE .
Next one year if you are AWARE OF 'YOUR - SELF' you could lay a good foundation for future .
BE AWARE - EVALUATE - ACT - that is what this TRANSIT promises - DESTINY can be made by you in case you act with thoughtful awareness - a year when Jupiter's entry in Gemini ( sign ruled by Mercury ) promises. God Bless.'
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