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Encyclopedia of Vedic Astrology: Remedies: Yagna and Pooja, Chapter VI, Part – 1

Dr. Shanker Adawal

Yagna and Pooja

The Sanskrit word Yagna is originated from the verb – YAJ = which means to do oblation to fire. Yagna are combination of rituals which are recommended in our great Vedas. While undertaking one particular yagna the practitioner has to recite a particular mantra and do offerings to the fie. The mantra could be from Vedas or from Puranas. The yagna could be undertaken for the purpose of planetary affliction in the horoscope, some Vastu problem, child birth, marriage, progeny etc. Vedic Yagna is the highly developed science of contacting the celestial field of life. Our saints cognized specific procedures for gaining blessings from different manifestations of the divine who create and administer the universe. The ancient tradition of Vedic Yagna prescribes a variety of performances to express devotion to the Divine in its varied manifestations, to celebrate and facilitate important achievements in life, and to purify ourselves and our environment of any malefic energy that may hinder our evolution.

Pooja is a ritual where mantra is also recited and fire sacrifice is also done, but all are voluntarily. To under take pooja there is no need of following the classical method as prescribed in our Brahmin grantha or tantra books. There is no need to chant the mantras in their prescribed quantity. It could be said that pooja is undertaken as a general worship to the god just to get the spiritual development. While undertaking pooja of a specific deity one do not have fixed goal which he has targeted to achieve. Pooja may be performed at almost any time, although certain times may be considered much more auspicious. They generally last between one hour or depending upon the person.

Maha Ganapati

A Pooja to Ganesh is often performed at the outset of any important endeavour, including the start of new businesses, or to remove obstacles to success and evolution, to gain support of Nature for finding a life partner, for improving harmony in married life or for having children. A longer Homa can also be performed. (Ganesh is also invoked at the beginning of any Yagna, as Ganesh is considered to be the Lord of the Celestial Hosts, and his blessings are necessary for the success of the Yagna.)

Maha Laksmi

This is one of the most popular Yagyas for householders, for it honours MahaLaksmi, the manifestation of Mother Divine responsible for creating and maintaining affluence in all spheres of life, inner and outer.

Fullness and bliss are two qualities intimately associated with MahaLakshmi, and participants in Poojas or Homas to MahaLaksmi often report a distinct increase in sweetness of consciousness as well as enhanced support of Nature. This Yagna is frequently performed for increasing both material abundance and richness of spiritual life. It is often performed when starting a new business, when making important financial investments, or for improving harmony with business partners.


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