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Encyclopedia of Vedic Astrology: Remedies: Astrological Yantras, Chapter V, Part – 11

Dr. Shanker Adawal

Mangal Yantra

There are many kinds of remedial measures in which yantra and tantra play a prominent role in curtailing the evils. Yantra means an instrument or apparatus or a TILASM, a mystical graph. It is the shortest and easiest boon handed over to us by our Siddha sages for fulfillment of our ambitions. Various Yantras are worshipped in our old temples, such as Gayatri yantra is worshipped in Bahuchari Mandir. A yantra is worshipped in Amba Mata temple. Shri yantra made of solid gold by Adi Shankaracharya is worshipped in Annapurna Mandir of Varanasi. These yantras can be made on gold, silver, copper, bhojpatra, or sphatik etc. Auspicious and some specific Muhurts have also been specified for preparation of yantra. These yantras can be written on bhojpatra with Ashtagandh using stylus of Anaar (Pomegranate). These can be also be carved or embossed on various metals as mentioned above. Special and specific Mantr japa and worship is done on these yantras to energize them.

Mars does play a vital role, in a female chart particularly, as it is a karaka or significator for husband. Therefore, the affliction of Mars curtails the marital harmony and causes delay. Mangal Yantra has been used very successfully to rectify such adversities. This also protects one from enemies and rivals and they are defeated. Accidents and conflicts, wounds, operations etc are cured or saved. This yantra is of a triangular plate of copper. Twenty one triangles are made inside a big sized triangle. Different names of Mars are written in every small triangle. The yantra of Mars should be properly placed vertically for its propitiation. This should be worshipped with Shodashopchar Poojan, using sweets and red flowers.

Om hrim Manglegauri Vivahbaadhaam naashaaya swah||

Mangal Trikon Yantra

Now we will discuss Mangal trikon yantra. This yantra is good in preventing accidents, blesses with son, frees the devotee from debts, cures blood pressure and rash temper. It hastens the marriage of ladies. It also offers protection from enemies, cuts, wounds, operation and enables the devotee to recover speedily from above causes.

When Mars is afflicted one suffers. Since Mars is significator of husband in female chart (not Jupiter) and when found afflicted, the marriage of a girl is delayed, this yantra is being used successfully.

This yantra is in shape of a triangle and is embossed or engraved on copper plate. It is composed of twenty one sub-triangles, enclosed in big circle. In each triangle different names of the lord Mars are inscribed.

After installing the yantra in pooja place in the house the yantra is worshipped with red flowers and sweets made from jiggery or rice are offered. The mantra for recital is:-

Om Hrim han sa kham kha||

The sage of the mantra is virupaksh, metre is gayatri, deity is Mars and application of the mantra is for propitiating the planet. Mars. The mantra should be recited for six hundred thousand times. In case of severe diseases, the yantra be worshipped daily starting from Tuesday with following mantras.

Om karang kareeng karoong sah bhoomaye namah||
Om karang kareeng karoong sah bhoomaye namah karoong kareeng karang||


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