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Encyclopedia of Vedic Astrology: Remedies: Mantras, Chapter III, Part – 36

Dr. Shanker Adawal    

Lord Bhaga is the Lord of the Purvaphalguni Nakshatra. A person born in this constellation is generous, large hearted, honest, polite, fond of music, dance, drama, sports, valuable things and clothes and ornaments, pleasure loving, humorous, inclined towards gambling and speculation, cautious, self centred, trustworthy, easily pleased and capable of fulfilling his own desires. He may be interested in business and the founder of religious or service organizations. He may suffer losses in trading, be unsuccessful due to obstacles in progress, may give more importance to respect and honour, be proud, suffering from ailments related to sense organs, flexible in religious matters, troubled, brave and have the mark of an injury on his head.

The Purvaphalguni Nakshatra controls the heart and spinal cord and these are afflicted with ailments when malefic planets shows their effect. In order to keep problems and fear at bay, one should worship Goddess Shri Kamakhyaa or Omkar who are considered the forms of Bhaga. They should be worshipped daily with the incense of white sandalwood, malti flowers, ghee, dhoop, ghee lamp and sweets. `Kapatkari Mool’ should be worn on the heart or arm. To appease Lord Bhaga, one should offer `kangni’ sesame seeds and ghee. Sesame seeds and ghee should be mixed, homa should be performed, and the following mantra should be recited for hundred and eight times.

Om bhag parnetrbhagsatya radho bhage mandhi yamu dawa ddanna| Bhag parnojan yagobhirasveparbhirnarbant shyam om bhagayee namah||


Lord Aryama is the Lord of Uttarphalguni Nakshatra. A person born in this constellation is ambitious, authoritative, self-praising, brave, frank, proud, charitable, optimistic and humorous. He has a tendency to show off, has royal tastes and royal connections. He may be polite, scholarly, wealthy, renowned, sincere in his duties, benefiting from higher education, following family radiations and gaining amazing wealth through his knowledge. He may  have a natural hatred for narrow mindedness and immoral work. He may have a very sharp memory. He may be affectionate towards friends and relatives and may occasionally become aggressive.

Uttarphalguni nakshatra controls the spinal cord and back. These are afflicted by ailments when malefic planets show their effects. To mellow down their effect, ghee, sugar and shalyanna should be offered, and the deity should be worshipped with camphor, saffron, incense, arks, flowers, dhoop, ghee lamp, ghee, and kheer. The `patol Mool’ should be worn on the heart or forearm. Sesame seeds and ghee should be mixed; homa is performed with the following mantra to be recited for hundred and eight times. To keep the spirit of reciting mantras, the Lord of the house, Sun, should be worshipped regularly, the Surya Namaskar should be done and water should be offered to Sun God.

Om devyaa vadvaryu agat gum rathen suryatwacha|| madhva yaggum samjathe tam partantha yam venschichatram devanam|| om aryamane namah||


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