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Encyclopedia of Vedic Astrology: Remedies: Yantras, Chapter IV, Part – 7

Dr. Shanker Adawal
Gayatri Yantra
Gayatri Devi is Maha Devi and deity of Shri Gayatri yantra. Reference of Gayatri Mantra comes in Shukla Yajurveda (36: 3) and the mantra is considered most auspicious in the Vedic chronology.

Gayatri Yantra is bestowal of knowledge of Vedas, religion, business and salvation. This yantra is kept in house or business place. By the sincerer use of this yantra, one cannot be affected by souls, spirits and is blessed with health, wealth and happiness. In case, a house or man is afflicted by souls and spirits, the yantra after pooja be dipped in water, and water is sprinkled in house for a week, all spirits etc., will vanish. This yantra washes away all sins of the devotee if he worships the yantra in letter and spirit.
 Gayatri worship
The Gayatri worship is done on the top of the mountain, bank of a river, temple, under the shade of peepal tree etc. When the Moon is in auspicious hora, Gayatri worship is considered best for the devotee. For Gayatri yantra sadhana one has to be complete vegetarian. Take only rice and milk once during a day during the pooja period of the yantra as food. The bed used during the Gayatri sadhna should be of durva grass and the devotee has to remain isolated for forty days.

During Gayatri yantra sadhna jyestha, asadh, bhadrapad, pusha and malmasa; Tuesday, Saturday; Vayatipat, and vaidarti yoga; ashtami, navmi, chaturthi, trodashi, chaturdashi, Amavasya, pardosh, night, yam, agni, Rudra, sarp, inder, vasu, shravan, and birth constellation, Aries, Cancer, Taurus, Aquarius, and Capricorn all are prohibited. The Gayatri worship should be started during poornima in the Hora of Moon.

The mantra is to be recited for thirty two hundred thousand times. The devotee should divide the japas equally and the number should not change. The Gayatri mantra is cursed by our sages (Brahma, Vashisth and Vishvamitra) hence, the devotees are advised to first do the Shapvimochan (A appeal or prayer for good fortune) of the mantra before recital, to reap the desired fruits.
Om karasya brahma rishirgayatri chanda parmatma devata, om Bhurbhuva svariti mahavyahritinam parmesthi prajapatir rishir gayatriushninustubhschandashi agni vayusurya devta Om tatsavituritasya vishvamitra rishir gayatri chanda savita devta jape viniyoga||


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